Nifty Option OI Trend – Intraday

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    In this the PCR shown is of which strike price? Today its showing level of 7410.

  2. i m very much fan of ur open interest study, which indicator used with oi to decide trend for intraday as well as positional

  3. Hey there.
    Very nice website and I really appreciate this good work from your side. Plz provide realtime OI change for stocks too if possible and also if possible plz add market profile charts.Plz see if we can see OI charts candles like nf and bnf for better clarity.

    My Best wishes to you guys.

  4. Hi ! I went to your website yesterday and it was wonderful . However , today , the intraday OI trend chart of a particular strike price is showing the same chart as of yesterday . Not today’s . How can I fix that?

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