Stocks Analysis Intraday Bytes: ABIRLANUVO Analysis

ABIRLANUVO Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2017-07-04 1919.00 1936.80 1872.50 1880.00 1887.05 1,885,811 54%
2017-07-03 1867.70 1930.45 1844.50 1917.00 1920.95 587,357 25%
2017-06-30 1825.10 1894.00 1822.00 1862.00 1859.20 709,645 31%
2017-06-29 1815.70 1834.00 1803.70 1812.00 1819.95 1,102,392 61%
2017-06-28 1806.00 1816.95 1791.50 1812.65 1804.45 679,929 61%

*Markets are currently closed.

ABIRLANUVO Trend Analysis:

ABIRLANUVO seems to be in uptrend. Bullish

ABIRLANUVO is trading near the highs of last 1 year.

In the medium term the prices have been in Uptrend.

Longer to medium Term Trend is Up.

Above average volume about 3.5 times daily average volume of past 1 month

ABIRLANUVO Japanese Candlestick Analysis:

ABIRLANUVO is trading near the Bottom of the day's range.

Higher High and Higher Low compared to previous day. But the closing was disapointing.

Day's Range: 1872.50 ~ 1936.80

ABIRLANUVO opened at 1919.00 compared to previous close of 1920.95

1 candlestick pattern: none

2 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is Bearish Harami. Increases the probability of Technical correction or trend reversal.

3 candlestick pattern: none

ABIRLANUVO Gap Support and Resistance

Day's Pivot Point Levels for ABIRLANUVO (Support and Resistance):

ABIRLANUVO is trading Below the pivot.

Pivot Point 1,898.78

Pivot Point Resistance at 1,925.07(R1) --> 1,963.08(R2) --> 2,027.38(R3) --> 2,091.68(R4)

Pivot Point Supports at 1,860.77(S1) --> 1,834.48(S2) --> 1,770.18(S3) --> 1,705.88(S4)

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2017-07-04

ABIRLANUVO Volume and Moving Average Analysis:

20-Day SMA: 1,735.4

20-Day average volume: 546,637

20-Day Range: 1,634.4 ~ 1,936.8

1634.40 1936.80 ABIRLANUVO has average daily volume of 546,637 compared to today's volume of 1,886,000. It is currently trading Above 20 day simple moving average.

50-Day SMA: 1,696.6

50-Day average volume: 390,105

50-Day Range: 1,577.0 ~ 1,936.8

Short Term Trend is Up!!!

52-week Range:

52 Week Range: 1125.00 ~ 1936.80

It is currently trading about 3% below it's 52-week high.

ABIRLANUVO has made a new 52-week high today at 1936.80.

For any stock, the 52-week high event is an important milestone because it implies strong buying momentum.

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  5. Pivot Analysis
  6. Intraday Sentiment among Traders and Investors
  7. 52-week high low summary

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    • Colors are based on few fundamentals of trading. A higher low suggests bullishness (in this case low is green when current low is higher than last 2 days’ lows). Similarly a lower low is bearish signal.
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