Bank Nifty Options Analysis:

Put Call Ratio trend can provide very useful clues for effective ‘Bank Nifty Options’ analysis. If the Put Call Ratio (PCR) is rising that will imply more bullishness.

The Bank Nifty Options PCR chart can be used in the same way as we use the Intraday PCR chart for Nifty:https://www.niftytrader.in/nifty-intra-pcr/


This chart should be read along with Bank Nifty Options OI change and Bank Nifty Options Open Interest Charts:https://www.niftytrader.in/banknifty-live-oi-tracker/


Bank Nifty Change in Open Interest: Bank Nifty Option Chain | Nifty Trader

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    • sir,
      ur pcr v/s nifty and pcrv/s bank nifty chart is very useful but it confuse some times so pls it explain it brifly and how can we use it in daily trading

  1. Sir, would you please provide NIFTY PCR & BANK NIFTY PCR Chart/ data from 2015 January till date for my study. Thanks & Regards, A K Datta, 20/12/2016

  2. bank nifty pcr is not coming from last 2 days pls chk rest its very helpful in intrdadays jobers…..

    thanks you

  3. i am not able to see the chart(bank nifty pcr)…since last 3 days..”Table has no clolums” is instruction showing…is there any problem…if so when will be resolve…

  4. I liked the simple explanation given for PCR,though markets may not agree with PCR,I think it is a good indicator of market sentiments.It’s better than OI changes.

  5. Another way to intrepret would be if PCR is in downtend & lower than the index then the index is bound to come down or fall or bearishness.
    If PCR is in uptrend & higher than the index line chart then the index will go up or bullishness. I have noticed this & please correct me if i’m wrong.

  6. The Bank nifty PCR chart is not updating from last few weeks,please check & update, it has been very usefull.

  7. I am unable to see pcr charts of nifty since long time. Have you discontinued your services?. Please reply, I would also like to have your customer care number and office address


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