NSE Nifty option Chain

NSE allows trading in futures and options segment for limited number of stocks only. this list is constantly reviewed and updated by NSE.

The options data for these stocks and indices are provided by NSE on its official website. The futures data is also compiled by NSE separately. Option and futures trader can get so many insights by properly analyzing this information.

Option Chain refers to the option table with information such as bid, ask, last traded price, open interest, change in open interest, change in price of options, implied volatility and so on for all the strike price levels.

NSE Option Chain provides all option related analysis for F&O stocks on NSE exchange. 

How to interpret Next month OI using Nifty Option Chain?

When trading in options, the current month has the highest volume, highest liquidity, least bid-ask spread and highest open interest. The support and resistance for the near term can only be judged based on the Nifty Option chain of current month. 

The next month data is used to analyse rollover of positions. If traders are feel that the trend will reverse in the next series they are more likely to book profits rather than continuing their positions to next series. However, when a trader believes the trend will continue, he wants to maximize his profits by continuing to hold his position to next series. 

When does the Next Series data become useful for Nifty and Bank Nifty?

Rolloever start to happen closer to expiry. After introduction of weekly options in Nifty and Bank Nifty, traders need to continuously monitor the rollover data as well as the current series data.

Is the next series data relevant for analyzing derivatives in stocks as well?

It may make sense, closer to expiry, to study next series data but only for stocks that have sufficient trading volume in options. Otherwise, it could lead to poor analysis and poor trading call. 

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