Nifty Option OI Trend: Analysis

This chart depicts the change in open interest of Nifty Option table with Nifty spot movement. It is very easy to use this tool. Select the strike-price from the dropdown box and you will see the OI trend for 1 month.

There may be sudden ups and downs in the chart due to expiry.

Open Interest is a very useful tool for analysts and market technicians to gauge the sentiment of market participants.

Trend Analysis is a tool to understand and analyse trends.


    • While it is good to know theory, it is crucial to understand the concept in depth. For a trader, theory has limited value without practical application. New traders try to apply various indicators without understanding the basic concepts. e.g. “RSI in Overbought” could mean both “Sell” or “Buy” under different scenarios – but for that we need to know concepts.

      Now to your query:
      I use OI to understand Support and Resistance levels.

      This (Nifty is going high and open interest in call and put both also goes high) happens a lot near expiry, when participants are expecting range-bound moves. This can also happen on a regular day. To make some useful analysis, we need to know the “strikes” and the quantum of “Increase in OI” in those strikes. e.g. Let’s say, e.g. 7000PE and 8000CE have very heavy OI addition, this would mean that participants are expecting these levels to act as support and resistance.

  1. Sir, I would like have Historical Data of last 30 sessions viz. Put – Call Ratio in Value datewise, preferably with additional details of datewise Put Value & Call Value for July Series – Nifty…How can I avail it ? Pl. help

  2. Daily Analysis end of day reports have not been started since last year and it was informed that a new refined updated version would be given.

  3. Sir , what is meaning of Max Pain Chart for Derivative Stocks.& how to read the chart ? and how one can use those for Option Strategy ?

  4. GM,
    When option pain point is above present price in live chart then what to do ?
    When option pain point is lesser than present price in end of settelment then what to do ?



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