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  1. Very usefull site for traders and investors.
    Theoritical knowledge provided here is its uniue quality and makes this web different from others.
    1 issue i am facing is about login/registration. As it shows already registered by entering any email id.It should give forget password link also.
    Remaining is the best….

  2. Respected sir,
    I request you to please add “% of Delivery volume” column in your website’s page “NSE Stocks – Intraday Breakouts”. By which we can also see % of Delivery volume in total volume


  3. Kindly add price filter with gap up , gap down down and intraday breakout scanner.
    Suppose if i want to trade only in stocks which have price range in between 150 to 700 , i get detail if only selected stocks which fall in this price range.

  4. Breakout and gap up down page should be refreshed automatically after 1 minute time interval . It should also show last refreshed time.


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