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  1. sir
    your stock option chart is useful.
    i find i need volume and opn interest both on same chart. could you be kind to incorporate same if possible
    thanks a lot

  2. Sir,

    The screener is a great tool, usually at what time data will be available?
    Yesterday, by now 28th feb data was already available. Today’s data is yet to be avialable..

  3. Screener is not working, it is really an asset in your web site, please solve the problem

  4. This screener is a very good tool..Can you also include the volatility percentile/rank in this tool? That will help in making a deciison.

  5. The Nifty and Bank Nifty intraday PCR charts are really fantastic and are asset to option trader specially nifty option writer. We request a option for intraday data for PCR of nifty and bank nifty.If you have already this facility kindely tell us how to access it

  6. I am earning a hansom profits with the help of PCR Charts,I thanks the “NiftyTrader” for their wonderful creation of Nifty and Bank Nifty Intraday PCR Charts and request others to alien their trading strategies accordingly

    AC Slath

  7. The topics to the left are not rendered correctly. The ad is masking the left side of the headings of the respective test areas. Hope you can fix it soon.
    I checked on chrome and firefox and its on both the browsers.

  8. Hello Sir, Please guide how to use this Scanner? Tried to fill strategies but didn’t get anything. Please help.

  9. Hi Sir,

    In the search ….can we have RSI …..above 60 …..above 50 instead of just 30-70…..also if you can add EMA 10 or EMA 21…..it will helps a lot..


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