Click on the stock symbol below to see Options Chain of that stock.

What is “Stock Options Chart for derivative stocks”?

The NSE Option Chain chart for stocks above shows open interest data for stock options that are trading on NSE India. The total open interest of Puts and Calls is visible for each strike price for that particular stock.

How to use these charts?

The charts can be used to identify the support and resistance levels based on Open Interest data. Generally speaking, the strike price with highest OI of Calls is considered a resistance. Similarly, the strike price with highest Open Interest of Puts of considered a resistance level for that stock.

If a particular stock has a market cap of INR 1 Trillion and OI is just ten thousand then the Open Interest data should not be used to identify levels for that particular stock.

Also, if the stock is in sharp uptrend or the momentum is very strong, the trader should not rely on support and resistance from these charts. The major supports and resistances get broken during strong up or down moves.

Are these charts reliable in identifying support and resistance levels?

The charts should not be relied upon for the stocks where the open interest is very low. The higher the open interest of a particular stock, the better.


  1. i like to find out in a stock which call has volume far higher like 1.5 or 2 or 3 times open interest.
    same for put.

    can you help please

  2. sir your charts options are very good
    I need intraday live option charts for nifty stocks , how can i subscribe if you have any paid services.

  3. Open int charts not updated..old data shown..
    When can it be rectified or restart..
    Any paid service for live updation of option charts..and how can i subscribe?

  4. Well done ,it very difdifficult to get such a website which is discussing most of aspects of option trading . PCR ratio live chart of NIFTY is very usefull ,so I have a request please help me to remove my exitment for is there any chance of get PCR ratio live chart of STOCKS…

    • PCR for stocks will not be very useful as the option volumes are low and PCR would be easy to manipulate. This is the reason it’s not being provided on the site.

  5. Hello Pradeep sir please could you display same graph for BANKNIFTY and NIFTY option live, I mean
    PUT OI
    CALL Price
    PUT Price

    As above ?
    Thanks in advance sir

  6. The new graphics are good but the numbers are wrong. As per your chart, ICICI highest OI is at 400 CE 2303125 (deep in the money!). But, as per NSE website, highest OI is at 430 CE which is just OTM and I see this for most of the stocks. Could you please check the figures once again? Thanks

  7. sir,can you explain how to find whether buyers or writers are large in numbers in a particular strike price using oi & %change in oi. its quite confusing.


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