1779.25INR -25.65 ( -1.42%) VOLUME : 3415256
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 1,353,655.00
  • 20-Day 1,101,213.70
  • 3-Months 1,197,121.18


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Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
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RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
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22-Jan-20 1815.00 1818.70 1766.85 1779.25 1779.25 3,415,256 - - - - -
13-Jan-20 1799.00 1807.95 1794.35 1804.00 1804.90 823,821 40% 1,777.17 1,756.59 1,718.65 1,571.53
10-Jan-20 1772.00 1797.30 1760.00 1793.30 1792.55 1,256,612 50% 1,774.12 1,756.69 1,716.30 1,569.73
09-Jan-20 1763.00 1775.00 1741.00 1767.35 1772.55 1,781,733 56% 1,772.03 1,757.26 1,714.11 1,567.93
08-Jan-20 1696.00 1736.00 1695.00 1732.60 1728.80 1,006,057 28% 1,770.31 1,758.10 1,712.14 1,566.24
07-Jan-20 1711.00 1740.50 1711.00 1730.65 1724.40 1,033,650 31% 1,769.53 1,759.37 1,710.51 1,564.74
06-Jan-20 1737.95 1738.00 1694.00 1710.00 1707.15 1,871,804 39% 1,769.62 1,760.81 1,708.85 1,563.26
03-Jan-20 1779.80 1779.80 1747.05 1750.00 1751.40 1,318,628 35% 1,770.10 1,762.48 1,707.44 1,561.82


Key Data

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Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 1783.00 1815.00
11 AM 1783.00 1815.00
12 PM 1783.00 1815.00
1 PM 1783.00 1815.00
2 PM 1783.00 1815.00

Company Profile - ASIANPAINT Ltd.


On February 1, 1942, Asian Paints Limited was being established, and currently, it stands as India’s most significant and Asia’s third-largest paint organization. The Company operates in 17 different countries and also has about 25 paint manufacturing facilities worldwide servicing consumers in more than 65 countries. Also, it manufactures paint in the sector of Automative, Decorative, and Industrial industry. Apart from all these, it also manufactures several accessories such as Wood Primer, Wall Primar, Putty, Stainers, and more. It is also driven by its strong consumer–focus as well as innovative spirit; it has been the market leader in paints from 1967. Besides Asian Paints, this particular group operates worldwide via its subsidiaries such as Apco Coatings, Berger International, SCIB Paints and Taubmans, SCIB Paints–Egypt, Berger International, Apco Coatings, Asian Paints, and Taubmans. The Company also operates in 5 regions worl ... dwide viz. South Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, and Caribbean region via the five corporate brands viz. Berger International, Asian Paints, SCIB Paints, Apco Coatings, and Taubmans. Also in 10 markets, the company operates via its subsidiary named Berger International Limited; and in Egypt via SCIB Paints; and in 5 markets in the South Pacific it operates via Apco Coatings as well as in Fiji and Samoa, the company operates via Taubmans. It also has its strategically located Indian plants at Kasna (in Uttar Pradesh), Bhandup (in Maharashtra), and Sriperumbudur (in Tamil Nadu), Ankleshwar (in Gujarat), Patancheru (in Andhra Pradesh) and a newly built plant located at Rohtak (in Haryana). It also operates in 17 different countries and has about 25 paint manufacturing facilities worldwide serving its consumers in more than 65 countries. It has a state-of-the-art supply chain system by using cutting edge technology for integrating all of its plants, regional distribution centers, outside several processing centers and branches in India. Entire paints plants of the company in India include two chemical plants, and 18 processing centers, with 350 raw material and also some intermediate goods suppliers, six regional distribution centers, 140 packing material vendors, 72 depots are being integrated. It is having a big as well as an experienced R&D team that has successfully managed to develop High-end exterior finished as well as the wood finishes in-house that was earlier being imported in India. Such products are currently marketed under the brand name, Asian Paints Elastomeric Hi-Stretch Exterior paint and Asian Paints PU wood finish as well. It is also having about three subsidiaries such as, Apco Coatings, which is a subsidiary of Asian Paints in the South Pacific islands. It also operates in Fiji, Australia, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu under the brand, Apco Coatings. Another subsidiary of the company is Asian Paints Industrial Coatings Limited that has been set up for catering to the powder coatings market that is also one of the fastest-growing sections in the industrial coatings market. In November 2002, Berger International Limited also became a part of the Asian Paints Group. Currently, it has a presence in about three regions, such as the Caribbean, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Also, the Asian Paints participated in the Industrial Coatings sectors directly via a 50:50 JV, along with PPG Inc. of US and via a 100% subsidiary. On the valuable recommendations of Allen, Booz, and Hamilton, the company restructured itself into Growth, Decorative and International business units and also adopted the technology of SCM and ERP. The company aimed to become the 5th largest decorative paint company worldwide.

The Product range of the company:

  • Industrial Paints
  • Automotive Paints
  • Decorative Paints
  • Ancillaries: It’s a range of ancillaries such as primers, fillers stainers, and many more.
Also in Decorative paints, the company is present in all four sectors such as Exterior Wall Finishes, Enamels, Interior Wall Finishes, and Wood Finishes. The Company introduced several innovative concepts in the Indian paint industry such as, Colour Worlds (in Dealer Tinting Systems), Home Solutions (in painting solutions Service), Kids World (in painting solutions for kid’s room), Colour Next (in Prediction of Colour Trends via in-depth research) and Royale Play Special Effect Paints, and many more.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 2014: Asian Paints (International) Ltd (or APIL), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s largest paints company named as Asian Paints Ltd. It also hiked its stake in Berger International Ltd (or BIL) to about 96.7%. Soon after, BIL was being delisted from the Singapore Exchange (or SGX).
  • 2011: The Company informs that two plants of the company's subsidiary such as, SCIB Chemicals SAE, Egypt that was shut due to prolonged curfew have restarted their operations partially from February 06, 2011.
  • 2010: Asian Paints announced the commencement of commercial production at its new paint manufacturing facility in Rohtak, Haryana.
  • 2008: The Company performs Bhoomi Pooja at its proposed paint plant site at Rohtak in Haryana.
  • 2007: It entered the share purchase agreement for the sale of its stake in Asian Paints Queensland.
  • 2006: Asian Paint Consolidated TurnOver Crosses INR 3000 crore.
  • 2005: Four Asian Paints Plants Conferred With ‘Sword of Honour’ By the British Safety Council.
  • 2004: It is the only Paint Company in the World that was awarded the Forbes Best Under a Billion companies worldwide.
  • 1967: The Company emerged as India's leading paint company ahead of any international competition.
  • 1945: The Companytouches a turnover of INR 3,50,000, along with an innovative marketing strategy 'to find and reach consumers in the remotest corners of India with small packs.'
  • 1st February 1942: Some people armed with little knowledge and great determination such as Suryakant C. Dani, Champaklal H. Choksey, Chimanlal N. Choksi, and Arvind R. Vakil together formed a paint company in a garage on Foras Road, Bombay. And named their company 'The Asian Oil & Paint Company,' that they choose randomly from a telephone directory.

Some of the Achievements:

  • It was included in Forbes Magazine's - Asia's Fab 50 List of companies in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • It was also ranked 13th amongst the top paint companies in the world by Coatings World - Top Companies Report of 2013 (July 2013 Issue).
  • In March 2012, it was also presented by the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability Award for the Best Governed Company in the year 2011.
  • P M Murty, the previous MD & CEO, Asian Paints received the 'CEO of the Year' award from the Business Standard, which is one of India's leading business dailies (in March 2011).
  • The Company received the Best Audit Committee Award from the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability (in Feb 2011).
  • The Company was the 10th largest decorative paint company worldwide.
  • It was awarded the 'Sword of Honour' by the British Safety Council for all the paint plants in the country, and it was considered as the pinnacle of achievement in safety worldwide.
  • Forbes Global magazine, the USA ranked Asian Paints was among the 200 'Best Small Companies of the world' in both the years 2002 and 2003 and also among the top 200 'Under a Billion Firms' of Asia in the year 2005.
  • It was ranked 24th among the top paint companies globally by Coatings World - Top Companies Report of 2006.
  • The Asset, which is one of Asia's leading financial magazines, ranked Asian Paints among the leading Indian companies in Corporate Governance in the year 2002 and 2005.
  • It also received the Ernst & Young 'Entrepreneur of the Year - Manufacturing' award in the year 2003.
  • It was rated Best Employer by BT–Hewitt survey, 2000 Bluest of the blue chips by the Hindu Business Line; and the Most admired company to work for by ET–BT survey in the year 2000.