114.65INR -3.95 ( -3.33%) VOLUME : 1709000
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 1,503,399.80
  • 20-Day 2,213,599.90
  • 3-Months 3,825,847.36


Price Table

Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
Low GREEN:if Low is higher than last 2 days low
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
LTP Close GREEN:if Day's Closing is near the Day's High
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
Volume Delivery % 20 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 20-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 20-Day SMA
50 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 50-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 50-Day SMA
100 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 100-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 100-Day SMA
200 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 200-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 200-Day SMA
06-Dec-19 121.70 121.70 114.25 114.65 114.95 1,714,001 57% 121.09 102.74 117.30 143.65
05-Dec-19 115.00 118.75 113.85 118.75 118.60 2,933,858 40% 120.62 102.90 117.73 143.78
04-Dec-19 108.00 116.35 108.00 113.10 113.10 1,284,823 52% 119.72 103.00 118.18 143.89
03-Dec-19 119.00 119.00 111.60 111.65 111.65 803,537 62% 118.86 102.83 118.75 144.03
02-Dec-19 124.30 124.30 117.30 117.40 117.45 779,978 61% 118.00 102.73 119.35 144.17
29-Nov-19 121.20 124.50 120.45 122.70 123.45 1,222,450 57% 116.79 102.44 119.87 144.27
28-Nov-19 119.00 125.80 119.00 121.35 121.00 1,733,720 64% 115.24 102.04 120.32 144.39


Key Data

Day High Low Range

Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 115.60 121.70
11 AM 115.60 121.70
12 PM 115.60 121.70
1 PM 115.60 121.70
2 PM 115.60 121.70

Company Profile - EDELWEISS Ltd.


On November 21, 1995, Edelweiss Capital was being incorporated as a public limited company. It also received its certificate for commencement of business as of January 16, 1996. It started investment banking activities and registered with SEBI as a ‘Category I Merchant Banker’ (as defined under the SEBI (the Merchant Bankers) Rules, 1992) and soon after as a ‘Portfolio Manager’ (as defined under the SEBI (the Portfolio Managers) Rules, 1993) and as an ‘underwriter’ under the SEBI (the Underwriting) Regulations in 1993. It entered the business of securities broking in 2002 by the acquisition of Rooshnil Securities Private, which soon after changed to Edelweiss Securities and is currently known as Edelweiss Securities. It raised funds via private equity from Connect Capital Holdings in 2000. Greater Pacific Capital (or GPC) concluded a strategic investment in the company as of October 2005. Apart from fresh Investment in the company, it ... also bought out Connect Capital Holdings’ stake in the company, thus taking its equity stake to 20%. It also attracted capital from Galleon Diversified Fund, Heliconia Pte (that is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of GIC (Ventures) Pte being held via a wholly-owned subsidiary Lathe Investment Pte), BIH SA and Shuaa Capital in 2006. Soon, investment in the company was being made by Lehman Brothers Netherlands Horizons BV and Galleon Special Opportunities Master Fund Limited - Galleon Crossover Segregated Portfolio. It does not have any of the strategic or financial partners. Currently, it is a diversified financial services company in India that provides private client broking, investment banking, institutional equities, asset management, wealth management, and investment advisory services, and wholesale financing services to corporate, insurance broking, institutional and high net worth individual clients. It has its headquarters located at Nariman Point, Mumbai and further operates from the other 43 offices in 21 Indian cities. Also, since its commencement of business in 1996, it has grown from a boutique investment bank into a diversified Indian financial services company being organized under agency and capital business lines and operates via the company and its ten subsidiaries. And its agency business lines include institutional equities, investment banking, asset management, private client broking, and investment advisory services, wealth management and insurance broking; whereas capital business lines include wholesale financing services and also its internal treasury operations.

The Agency business lines:

  • Investment Banking:It provides a spectrum of services and transaction expertise that include private placements of the equity, capital raising services in public markets, mergers and acquisition and restructuring advisory services, and mezzanine and convertible debt. Such services are offered to investors, corporations, and entrepreneurs.
  • Institutional Equities:Its subsidiary Edelweiss Securities is now engaged in providing equity broking and research services, marketing of equity-associated products, including IPOs/FCCBs, to the domestic and foreign institutional investors. Also, it offers its services to clients who are leading domestic and international institutional investors that include hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, and banks.
  • Asset Management:Edelweiss Capital offers a range of investment products and advisory services in the area of the risk-return spectrum to individual and institutional investors.
  • Wealth Management:It offers a spectrum of services in the area of structured products, mutual funds, portfolio management services, direct equities, insurance, derivatives, and real estate funds IPOs.
  • Private client brokerage:In this, it provides its products and services to High Networth Individuals as well as corporate clients.
  • Insurance Brokerage:Edelweiss Insurance Brokers, which is a subsidiary of ECL, is also engaged in the insurance broker.

Some Capital business lines:

  • Treasury:Its internal treasury operations manage its excess capital funds. And it does it by investing its capital in what it believes to be low-risk strategies and maintains positions that it can liquidate economically in a few days. It structures its treasury investments for maintaining sufficient liquidity in its portfolio to support the capital needs of its several other businesses.
  • Wholesale Financing:It is to cater to the liquidity needs of clients, and also offers a spectrum of products and services for both individuals and corporates.

Acquisitions made by the Company:

  • The Crossborder Investments Private Limited was acquired on March 3, 2000.
  • The Edelweiss Securities Limited formerly also known as Rooshnil Securities Private Limited was acquired on July 9, 2002.
  • The Edelcap Securities & Transaction Services Private Limited that was earlier Tiffin Investments Private Limited was acquired on December 10, 2006.
  • The Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Limited was being acquired on July 5, 2000, via the subscription of its equity shares.

Some of the Subsidiaries:

It has seven direct and two indirect subsidiaries:
  • Edelweiss Securities Limited (or ESL):It was incorporated as on August 20, 1993 is now engaged in the business of an investment company that includes analysis, financial research, securities, appraisal of shares, to acquire by purchase or the otherwise stocks, shares, debenture stock, debentures, bonds, obligations or securities of any company and to deal in the same as brokers, underwriters or sub–underwriters, and sub-brokers.
  • Crossborder Investments Private Limited (or CIPL):It was incorporated in Mumbai as on October 27, 1994, and it is now engaged in the business of an investment company, to investing in, acquire, subscribe for, and mortgage or hold shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and all the other securities whether issued or guaranteed by any Government or public body, company being constituted in India or elsewhere and for carrying on in India or overseas the business of financing such as bill discounting, money lending, factoring, corporate lending to advance money with or without securities & financing to industrial enterprises. It also acquired CIPL on March 3, 2000.
  • Edelweiss Commodities and Advisors Limited (or ECAL):It was incorporated in Mumbai as on October 5, 2004, and is now engaged in the business of trading in agricultural products, metals including precious metals, diamonds, precious stones, petroleum and energy products, and all the other products and securities; as brokers, market makers, sub-brokers, arbitrageurs, investors and/or hedgers in the mentioned commodities and securities, and also to become members and participate in trading, settlement and several other activities of commodity exchange/s for itself or for its clients.
  • ECL Finance Limited (or ECL Finance):It was incorporated in Mumbai as on July 18, 2005, is now engaged in the business of money lending, financing, bill discounting, corporate lending with or without securities, factoring; offering finance to industrial enterprises and also participating in consortium finance with the other institutions or body corporates.
  • Edelcap Securities and Transaction Services Private Limited (or Edelcap STSPL):It was initially incorporated in Mumbai as on June 28, 2005, which is now engaged in the business of a loan and investment company and for this specific purpose, it also provides finance, either by making loans or advances or otherwise, and also lends or advances money with or without interest, either upon or without any security.
  • Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Limited (or EIBL):It was initially incorporated in Mumbai as of February 8, 2000.
  • Edelweiss Trustee Services Private Limited (or ETSPL):It was incorporated in Mumbai as of August 8, 2005.
  • Edelweiss Capital USA LLC (or ECUSA):It was being organized as a limited liability company in Delaware, the USA as on June 8, 2001.
  • EC Global Limited, Mauritius (or ECGL):It was initially incorporated in Mauritius as a ‘Category I Global Business Company’ as on December 29, 2004.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 2000: It acquired Crossborder Investments Private Limited.
  • 2001: It obtained an F & O license in 2001.
  • 2002: The NBFC registration of Crossborder Investments Private Limited Acquisition of the Rooshnil Securities Private Limited.
  • 2004: The Commencement of Commodity Broking.
  • 2005: The Commencement of Insurance Broking.
  • 2006: Also, the NBFC registration of ECL Finance Limited.
  • 2006: It managed the first Qualified Institutional Placement under the new regulatory framework in India.
  • 2006: It also advised the first AIM listing of a listed Indian corporate.
  • 2007: It cleared the Member License.
  • 2008:
  • Also, Edelweiss Capital informed that: ‘The Board of Directors of Edelweiss Capital Limited, vide a Circular Resolution passed as on April 7, 2008, has approved a change in the Company Secretary as well as Compliance Officer of the Company from Smruti Jhaveri to Chetan Gandhi.’
  • It received the SEBI nod to introduce MF.
  • 2009:
  • Also, the Edelweiss Capital appointed Berjis Desai as an Additional (Independent) Director on the Board of Directors of the Company with effect from November 18, 2009.
  • It formed a venture with Tokio Marine.
  • 2010:It bought Anagram for INR 164 crore.
  • 2011: It changed its name from Edelweiss Capital Ltd. to Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.
  • 2014: It also acquired the Forefront.