10.35INR -1.10 ( -9.61%) VOLUME : 17000096
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 25,157,799.80
  • 20-Day 20,938,649.95
  • 3-Months 21,748,316.65


Price Table

Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
Low GREEN:if Low is higher than last 2 days low
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
LTP Close GREEN:if Day's Closing is near the Day's High
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
Volume Delivery % 20 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 20-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 20-Day SMA
50 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 50-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 50-Day SMA
100 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 100-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 100-Day SMA
200 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 200-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 200-Day SMA
22-Jan-20 9.60 10.35 9.45 10.35 10.35 17,000,096 - - - - -
13-Jan-20 12.00 12.65 11.45 11.45 11.45 5,292,322 59% 13.33 15.73 21.82 65.08
10-Jan-20 12.75 12.80 12.05 12.05 12.05 5,374,806 53% 13.30 15.89 22.18 65.92
09-Jan-20 13.05 13.30 12.65 12.65 12.65 7,111,929 48% 13.22 16.01 22.52 66.74
08-Jan-20 13.30 13.30 13.30 13.30 13.30 355,964 100% 13.13 16.11 22.88 67.53
07-Jan-20 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 512,660 100% 13.04 16.18 23.23 68.40
06-Jan-20 14.85 15.10 14.65 14.65 14.65 979,731 67% 12.94 16.22 23.58 69.28
03-Jan-20 15.90 16.15 15.40 15.40 15.40 6,472,959 54% 12.84 16.24 23.94 70.17


Key Data

Day High Low Range

Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 9.45 10.35
11 AM 9.45 10.35
12 PM 9.45 10.35
1 PM 9.45 10.35
2 PM 9.45 10.35

Company Profile - RELCAPITAL Ltd.


Reliance Capital, which is part of the Reliance Group and is also one of India's leading and even among the most valuable financial services companies in the private sector. In 1986, Reliance Capital Limited or RCL was being incorporated at Ahmedabad in Gujarat as Reliance Capital & Finance Trust Limited. And the company name came into effect from January 5, 1995. In the year 2002, the company shifted its registered office to Jamnagar in Gujarat before in 2006, and it finally moved to Mumbai in Maharashtra. Soon, the company entered the Capital Market with a maiden public issue in the year 1990 and the coming years further tapped the capital market via a rights issue and public issues. Also, the equity shares were listed on the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange Mumbai. Currently, the shares are being listed on The Stock Exchange Mumbai as well as on the National Stock Exchange of India. In the year 2006, Reliance Capital Ventur ... es Limited also merged with RCL, and with this merger, the shareholder base of RCL raised from 0.15 million shareholders to about 1.3 million.

The business of the company:

The company, in its initial years, has been engaged in steady annuity yielding businesses such as bill discounting, leasing, and inter-corporate deposits. Soon after, in 1993, it diversified its business in the areas of custodial services, portfolio investment, lending against securities, project finance advisory services, money market operations, and investment banking. Currently, it is engaged in businesses such as mutual funds, asset management, life, and general insurance, private equity and proprietary investments, depository services, stockbroking, distribution of financial products, consumer finance, and several other activities in the financial services space. The company has the most extensive distribution channels with about 9,700 outlets in 4,300 cities and towns. Reliance Mutual Fund or RMF: It is India’s largest Mutual Fund, along with an Average Assets under Management (or AAUM) of INR 1, 01, 259 crore (or US$ 23 billion) for the quarter that ended as on June 30, 2011. It also offers a well-rounded portfolio of products that meet several needs of an investor. Also, the Reliance Mutual Fund always endeavors to introduce innovative products and customer service initiatives for increasing value to investors. It has about seven million investor folios and a huge distribution network with a presence in more than 265 branches in India. Besides, it has offices in the UK, Dubai, Singapore, and Mauritius. Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited or RLIC: It is among the leading private sector life insurers, along with a private-sector market share of about 5% in terms of new business premiums. It has a robust distribution network of about 1,252 offices in the country, with over 1, 77,000 agents until the end of June 30, 2011. It also offers a spectrum of innovative life insurance products and targeted at both individuals and groups. It also offers some need-based products that cater to the three distinct sectors, such as protection, retirement, and investment plans. It is also committed to emerging as a leading Life Insurer with global standards and scale. Reliance Commercial Finance: It also aims to enable people to fulfill their ambitions by creating assets for both personal & business needs. It also offers a suite of several financial solutions such as, Mortgages Loans, Loans for Commercial Vehicles, Loans against property, Auto Loans, Loans for Construction Equipment, business loans, SME Loans, Loans against Securities, and Infrastructure Financing Reliance Commercial Finance that has a loan book size of INR 13,030 crore (or US$ 2.9 billion), along with a client base of over 1, 05,000 customers, as of June 30, 2011, in the top 18 Indian metros. It also prides itself on creating customized financial solutions for both its partners and customers by offering great Turnaround Time or TAT. Reliance Securities: Also, the broking arm of Reliance Capital is one of India’s leading retail broking houses in the country that offers customers access to equity options, equities, and commodities futures, wealth management services, wealth management, IPOs, mutual funds, and investment banking. It also has more than 6.5 lac retail broking accounts via its pan India presence with more than 6,600 outlets. Reliance Money: The third-party distribution business of Reliance Capital that was branded as ‘Reliance Money’ is a comprehensive solutions provider and financial services, and also offers customers with the access to life and general Insurance products, currency exchange, money transfer, loans, and gold coins. RGI or Reliance General Insurance offers a spectrum of products for both corporate and individual clients. It also currently offers insurance products, including Home, Health, Fire, Motor, Travel, Engineering, Liability, Marine, and Aviation. It is also among the leading general insurance companies in India, along with a private-sector market share of about 9.4%.

Several Other businesses of the company:

Reliance Spot Exchange or RSX: In this, it is a new initiative of Reliance Capital in the exchange space by setting up the modern exchanges in many sectors. It also aims to bring multiple markets together on a national electronic platform, thus creating efficiency and transparency, and infrastructure for the spot markets around India. Quant Capital: It focuses on the wholesale client sector of the capital markets that includes both foreign and domestic corporations, institutions, and ultra-high net worth people. Also, it has built as well as implemented a state of the art trading, operational platforms, and risks. It also employs about 200 professionals with different skill sets and has also expanded its research and quantitative teams to ensure the entire sector coverage around Indian equities. Reliance Equity Advisors: It is wholly owned by the Reliance Capital Limited, which is an Investment Manager of the Reliance Alternative Investments Fund-Private Equity Scheme I (that is a private equity fund). Also, the main objective of the fund is to raise the third party funds and to make several portfolio investments. Also, the fund was introduced to make investments in the sunrise industries in the country, and it offers an opportunity to participate in the growth of one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Also, they would focus on a spectrum of investment opportunities across growth and consolidation capital, buy-in/buy–out, minority investment, and acquisition financing in India. Reliance Equity Advisors: It has an approximate team of over 10 professionals, along with substantial Private Equity and M&A experience. It has also evaluated many investment themes before selecting the approach, and it believes that it would generate the highest upside in a fast-growing economy. Reliance Asset Reconstruction Company or RARC: It is a premier asset reconstruction company, the principal sponsor/shareholder of which is the Reliance Group (via Reliance Capital Limited). Also, the other sponsors/shareholders are Corporation Bank, Dacecroft, GIC of India, Indian Bank, and Blue Ridge. It is also in the business of management, acquisition, and resolution of distressed assets/debt formally started business operations in the year 2009. It also has an asset base of over INR 164 crore (or US$ 37 million). Reliance Venture Asset Management: a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Capital is the venture capital arm of the Reliance Group with an investment mandate to incubate or invest in high–growth, new business ideas and is stage, sector, and geography agnostic. Ranked 30th in the reputed list of US-based, Red Herring Top 100 Global Venture Capital firms in 2009 out of 1,800 global VC firms, from 32 countries, and across 12 benchmarks, Reliance Venture is the only Indian Corporate Venture Capital firm to feature in the ranking.

International Business:

Reliance Capital Limited is preferred to be a well-respected global player in the international financial services sector. It is also present in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.


RAMS or Reliance Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a private limited company, along with limited liability and is also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (or MAS). It also holds a Capital Markets Services (or CMS) license issued by MAS, and for carrying out activities of fund management under the Securities and Futures Act (or SFA). The main purpose of RAMS is the asset management focusing on alternative & fixed income instruments, and India equities. It is also a registered Foreign Institutional Investors (or FII) with the Securities & Exchange Board of India.


RAMMy or Reliance Asset Management Malaysia Sdn Bhd was being incorporated to undertake the Islamic Asset Management following the license of The Securities Commission of Malaysia. It mainly aims to become the provider of choice within the Islamic Asset Management by starting a unique Shariah-compliant investment strategy for complementing the investor’s portfolios with the ultimate focus on wealth creation.

The United Kingdom & the United Arab Emirates:

Also, Reliance Capital Asset Management (UK) Plc is a Financial Services Authority (or FSA) authorized investment advisory business based in the United Kingdom Reliance Capital Asset Management (or UK) plc also started a division in the Dubai International Financial Centre in the year 2009. It also started its operations after receiving a license from the Dubai Financial Service Authority. Also, the DIFC based entity offers a complete range of Wealth and Investment Advisory Services to the professional investors and institutional clients in the specific region. By opening this branch, RCAM (UK) plc also intends to expand its operations in the UK, GCC, and Africa.

Some of the Achievements:

  • Reliance Mutual Fund was awarded the “Fund House of the Year” in the equity category by ICRA Online.
  • Reliance Capital Asset Management received the “Social and Corporate Governance Award 2007” by Nasscom and Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • Also, the Reliance Money was ranked no.1 broking house by Starcom, which is one of the largest media communication agencies worldwide.
  • 2010: Reliance Money introduced new gold coins, along with India Post logo.
  • 2011: Reliance Commercial Finance introduced the loan against Gold Units. Reliance also introduced Gold Savings Fund.
  • 2012: Reliance Capital arm introduced a daily gold accumulation plan.