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Stock Analysis Summary: TITAN

TITAN Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2019-07-19 1090.00 1103.00 1077.95 1090.90 1091.05 3,302,082 22%
2019-07-18 1105.00 1106.50 1056.20 1088.00 1080.00 3,482,208 29%
2019-07-17 1110.25 1118.00 1105.30 1106.50 1109.90 2,538,956 50%
2019-07-16 1092.00 1118.00 1082.55 1113.00 1114.75 2,457,767 24%
2019-07-15 1110.00 1110.05 1077.35 1088.00 1089.40 2,563,929 19%
2019-07-12 1104.00 1129.00 1090.00 1102.00 1101.20 4,845,853 33%
2019-07-11 1109.00 1115.65 1071.40 1098.00 1097.00 5,179,244 28%
*Markets are currently closed.

No visible trend on daily charts
In the medium term the prices have been comparatively more volatile..

TITAN is trading near the middle of the day's range. Inside day so far - compared to previous trading session.
Day's Range: 1077.95 ~ 1103.00
TITAN opened at 1090.00 compared to previous close of 1080.00

1 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is similar to a Doji Candle.
2 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is Bullish Harami indicates loss of momentum
3 candlestick pattern: none

TITAN day chart has unfilled gap down on 2019-07-09: 1175.00~1245.70 to act as resistance.
TITAN day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2018-12-28 898.80~897.80 to act as support.
TITAN day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2017-11-06 725.70~668.00 to act as support.
TITAN day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2017-06-05 505.00~474.60 to act as support.
TITAN day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2017-02-08 406.35~397.00 to act as support.
TITAN day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2017-01-03 339.15~336.30 to act as support.

Classic Pivot

S4 1015.52
S3 1040.57
S2 1065.62
S1 1078.33
Pivot 1090.67
LTP = 1090.9
R1 1103.38
R2 1115.72
R3 1140.77
R4 1165.82

Woodie's Pivot

S4 1027.38
S3 1052.43
S2 1065.19
S1 1077.48
Pivot 1090.24
LTP = 1090.9
R1 1102.53
R2 1115.29
R3 1127.58
R4 1152.63

Fibonacci Pivots

S3 1065.62
S2 1075.18
S1 1081.1
Pivot 1090.67
LTP = 1090.9
R1 1100.24
R2 1106.15
R3 1115.72

Camarilla Pivots

S4 1077.27
S3 1084.16
S2 1086.46
S1 1088.75
LTP = 1090.9
R1 1093.35
R2 1095.64
R3 1097.94
R4 1104.83

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2019-07-19

Day's Range (.)

20 Day Range (.)

50 Day Range (.)

52-Week Range (.)

20-Day SMA: 1,213.6

20-Day average volume: 3,665,347

TITAN has average daily volume of 3,665,347 compared to today's volume of 3,302,000. It is currently trading Below 20 day simple moving average.

50-Day SMA: 1,229.0
50-Day average volume: 2,680,008

Short Term Trend is Down!!!

It is currently trading about 19% below it's 52-week high.

Titan Company limited or TITAN

Titan Industries were established as a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation in the year 1984. It is the organization that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market and introduced its futuristic quartz technology, which was enhanced by the international styling. And with India's two m..ost recognized and adored brands such as Titan and Tanishq to its credit, the Titan Company became the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer worldwide. Its success story began in the year 1984 with a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. It presented Titan quartz watches that had an international look, and soon the Titan Company was transformed into the Indian watch market and after Sonata, a value brand of functionally styled watches at affordable prices. The Titan Company reached out to the youth section with the Fastrack, its third brand, which was trendy and chic. The Company sold about 150 million watches world over and even manufactured about 15 million watches per year. And with a license for premium fashion watches of global brands, Titan Company repeated its pioneering act and brought some international brands into the Indian market. Some of the brands are Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK, Timberland & Police, as well as the Swiss, made watches. And Xylys owes its presence in the Indian market to the Titan Company. By entering the mostly fragmented Indian jewelry market with no known brands in the year 1995, the Company launched Tanishq, which became India's most trusted and the fastest growing jewelry brand. Gold Plus also focused on the preferences of semi-urban as well as rural India and then completing the jewelry portfolio is Zoya, which became the latest retail chain in the luxury section. It also entered the section of eyewear by offering a variety of differentiated products to the end consumer, which consisted of frames, contact lenses, lenses, and accessories. The frames are also available in both the international brands such as Levis, Esprit, Hugo Boss, and many more and in–house brands such as Titan, Eye+, and Dash, which are specifically for the children. The Company has leveraged its various manufacturing competencies and also branched into precision engineering components & subassemblies, tooling solutions, machine building & automation solutions, and other electronic sub-assemblies. With over 1040 retail stores spread across a carpet area of about 1.4 million sq. Ft., the Titan Company has India's largest retail network which spans in over 220 towns. It also has over 370 exclusive 'World of Titan' showrooms and over 150 Fastrack stores with an extensive network of about 740 after-sales–service centers. The Titan Company has become the largest jewelry retailer in India with about 160 Tanishq boutiques and 2 Zoya stores and over 30 Gold Plus stores. It also spans over 270 Titan Eye+ stores. Besides, the Company retails personal accessories such as bags, belts, wallets, and most recent perfumes under Skinn Brand.

Some of the Businesses:

  1. Watches:
Titan's core business is the manufacturing of watches. In the watch section, it has brands like Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, Titan Raga, Octane, Zoop & Xylys –– a swiss made catering to the premium segment of the market. Titan has acquired a license for marketing & distribution of Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss watches.
  1. Jewelry:
In this segment, it' brand Tanishq has a wide range of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry. In 2007–08, the Company introduced 5,000 new products which included 427 pieces designed for the film Jodha Akbar and it also has a retail network of about 100 outlets. Under the Tanishq are collections such as Aria, Zoya, Moham, Aleya, Kudan & polki and many more.
  1. Eyewear:
The Company ventured in eyewear via its Fastrack brand. It has also introduced brands such as Titan eye+ that have a wide range of contact lenses, prescription eyewear, and sunglasses.
  1. Others:
The Company also recently ventured into automation solution via Titan Automation Solution (TAS) and even in designing & manufacturing of the trophies via Titan Trophée.

The Milestones:

  1. 2010:
  • Titan Eye Plus launches world class Lens Manufacturing unit!
  • Tanishq was awarded the World Brand Congress Global Awards for "Brand Leadership" in Durables Category.
  1. 2011:
  • Tanishq wins the coveted "Effie Awards."
  • The Company has been ranked 10th among 16,000 of the other brands which were studied across 9 different cities in the "The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011".
  1. 2012:
  • It won a total of 3 awards at the ET retail wards which were held in Mumbai as on the 18th of January 2012.
  • The Company is certified to "OHSAS 18001: 2007 "Management Systems.
  • It also won the Client of the Year award at the Campaign India Digital Media Awards 2012.
  1. 2013:
  • It continues to be in Forbes Asia's FAB 50 companies list for 2013.
  • The Gold Award (the best in India) and Best of the Best Award (is among the top 5 in the Asia Pacific) at Retail Asia–Pacific Top 500 Awards in 2013.
  • The Award of "Transformational Leader of the Year" for Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, MD at Managing India Awards 2013 by AIMA.
  • The Best Governed Company Award 2012 from the Asian Centre For Corporate Governance & Sustainability.

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