231.00INR + 0.10 (+ 0.04%) VOLUME : 328000
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 170,999.80
  • 20-Day 231,399.95
  • 3-Months 744,716.65


Price Table

Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
Low GREEN:if Low is higher than last 2 days low
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
LTP Close GREEN:if Day's Closing is near the Day's High
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
Volume Delivery % 20 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 20-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 20-Day SMA
50 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 50-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 50-Day SMA
100 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 100-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 100-Day SMA
200 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 200-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 200-Day SMA
14-Oct-19 231.80 236.90 230.10 231.00 231.20 328,646 39% 224.58 226.04 229.84 220.41
11-Oct-19 226.05 231.55 224.60 231.50 230.90 228,300 57% 224.26 226.13 229.57 220.35
10-Oct-19 226.00 226.60 223.10 226.00 226.05 106,572 64% 223.73 226.31 229.30 220.26
09-Oct-19 225.00 226.80 223.85 226.00 226.05 72,805 53% 223.41 226.41 229.09 220.22
07-Oct-19 223.05 227.75 222.60 226.00 226.05 117,628 56% 223.17 226.42 228.89 220.18
04-Oct-19 226.00 226.50 222.50 225.00 225.20 105,759 57% 222.98 226.40 228.73 220.15
03-Oct-19 223.10 226.00 221.15 225.60 225.65 157,140 49% 222.84 226.51 228.54 220.07


Key Data

Day High Low Range

Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 231.40 234.50
11 AM 231.40 236.40
12 PM 231.40 236.90
1 PM 231.40 236.90
2 PM 231.20 236.90

Company Profile - VGUARD Ltd.


In 1996, V-Guard Industries was being incorporated and manufactured a spectrum of products such as pumps, voltage stabilizers, electric water heaters, cables, solar water heaters, UPS, ceiling fans, and many more. It is a Kerala–based company with a vision of Kochouseph Chittilappilly that was started with a seed capital of about INR 1 lakh. He also set up the company by establishing an SSI unit manufacturing and selling stabilizers, and with only two workers. The Company was emerged from being a single product company to owning an entire portfolio of household products. It also emerged as one of the most trusted brands in the country. It directly employed 700 people and indirectly more than 5,500 people. The Company has a network of about 83 distributors, 75 service centers, and 7000 retailers across India and making it a pan-India company. Also, it has more than 40 million satisfied customers. The Company also received ISO 9001 certific ... ation for its electrical wiring cables unit located at the Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. It also conducts both research and development initiatives for electric geysers, electronic products, electromechanical products, electrical wires, and solar water heaters. The Company's R&D center is being located in Cochin. It also owns two wind energy converters type E30 located at Erode in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of about 230 KW. Now, it produces about 13 lakh units per annum that are transferred to the state electricity grid. In 2000, it also set up Veega Land, which is one of the most attractive amusement parks in India along with the country with a spectacular range of rides and entertainment being located in Kerala; hence it’s like stepping into the leisure industry. It has also set up its second and India's biggest amusement park named, Wonder La located in Bangalore.

Some of the Products:

  • Stabilizer and UPS:It is the largest selling brand of electronic voltage stabilizers in the whole of India. It also manufactures TV, stabilizers for ACs, digital equipment, and refrigerators. It also produces a spectrum of UPS for computers.
  • Cables: V–Guard manufactures PVC wiring cables, XLPE Insulated Power Cables, and PVC Insulated Power Cables.
  • V–Guard also manufactures water and solar heaters, pumps, motors, and fans.

Some of the Awards

The company has received Industry Excellence Award for Medium Scale Industries and was awarded by The Institution of Engineering (India), Cochin. The Company was also acknowledged as the Kerala No.1 Consumer Durable products segment from Dhanam Magazine.


The Company is planning to form a joint venture to foray into UPS (or Uninterruptible Power Supply) business. Now, the size of the market of the branded UPS is within the range of INR 2,000 crore. It is also engaged in manufacturing low-end UPS and aims to be the UPS manufacturer having a capacity of more than 1kV. It is also setting up a low-tension (or LT) power cables plant located at Coimbatore and a house-wiring cables plant located at Kashipur, Uttarakhand. Both of such plants are estimated to be commissioned until May 2009.

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