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USD INR: Change in Open Interest Live

USD INR Options: Change In Open Interest Live

Open interests reflect the value of the total number of open contracts on a given day. USD INR change in open interest happens when a contract is created of closed by two people, buyer, and seller.

USD INR Options Facts:

USD INR Option Expiry Style: European, Expires 2 days before the last working day of the month.

Contract Cycle: USD INR Option Contracts are available for only the next 3 months

Settlements: The USD INR options are settled in Indian Rupee based on the settlement price.

Lot Size: $1000

Low open interest means a lot of contracts have been closed whereas high open interest suggests that a lot of positions are openly implying additional money entering the market.

Apart from Volume and price, Open Interest can help you bring a new dimension to your analysis. Calculating the total number of open contracts may provide an insight into the liquidity of options and futures price movements.

USD INR Open Interest vs Volume

Difference between Open Interest and Volume: Open Interest and volume may confuse some new traders, to differentiate between them:

Open Interest Volume
A total of all open USD INR contracts on a given day. A total of all USD INR transactions on a given day.
Increases when traders open USD INR trade contracts and decrease when traders close USD INR trade contracts. Increases every time a USD INR trade is opened or closed.

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