Live Market Screener

The Live Market Screener is a part of the NiftyTrader Premium tools.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of stock screener, a stock screener is a sorting and filtering tool, that is often used by traders as well as investors to find stocks that fit their strategy.

The Live Market Screener at NiftyTrader comes with more advance filters like volume shockers, price action, range breakout, opening price clues, gap up / gap down, candlesticks and more. You can also use previous day’s data to filter stocks.

The Live Market Screener, helps you filter from over 300 NSE stocks, to find what you are looking for. For example you can filter out stocks based on their 20 day SMA or 52 week price change.

Investors as well as traders use stock screeners. Investors often filter out stocks based on their fundamentals or financials. They use criteria like Market Cap, P/E, ROE, Sales etc. Traders and technical analysts filter stocks based on technical criteria like Price Action, NR7, Range Breakout etc.

Live Market Screener