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Trading and Investment Terms



K can be described as a fifth letter added to a four letter NASDAQ stock symbol in order to indicate that the security does not have any voting rights.


The letter K is one of numerous fifth letters that mean something specif ...

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Kairi Relative Index (KRI)

An oscillating indicator used to spot relationships and track price fluctuations in trending markets. It was created in Japan by an unknown designer at an unknown date. Once popular, more popular modern indexes have since emerged. It calculates the d ...

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Keltner Channel

An advanced technical analysis method, which uses an upper and lower band to indicate a 10-day moving average around the typical market price. A close around the upper band it is said to signify a bull market, and a close around the lower band is sai ...

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined as a set of quantifiable estimations used to measure an organization's overall long term performance.


KPIs explicitly help decide an organization's strategic, economic ...

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Key Ratio

Key ratios can be defined as the main arithmetic ratios that outline and abridge the current financial state of an organization.


Key ratios can be utilized to effortlessly to get an idea of an organization's financial st ...

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Key reversal day

A pattern seen when charting a stock, where a stock price within the course of a day will completely change its pattern. To qualify as a key reversal day, the price can either start by opening at a level above the previous high, continuing to rise, a ...

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Kin is cryptocurrency. The popular messenger service Kik's cryptocurrency is known as Kin.


While independent cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have paved the way for the business, more existing organizations are wandering in ...

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Know Your Client (KYC)

The Know Your Client or Know Your Customer or KYC can be explained as a defined rule in the investment sector that makes sure that the investment consultants have the detailed data about their clients' risk tolerance, investment knowledge, and ...

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Korea Stock Exchange (KRX)

The Korea Stock Exchange can be described as a division of the lot bigger Korea Exchange (KRX, or the Exchange).


Beforehand, Korea's stock market was an independent element.


In the year 2005, the K ...

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K-ratio can be defined as a ratio that analyzes the consistency of a security’s return over the period time.


The information for the ratio comes from a value added monthly index (VAMI), that checks and reports the prog ...

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Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol is a worldwide understanding that intended to lessen carbon dioxide (CO2) outflows and the presence of ozone depleting substances like green house gasses in the air. The basic precept of the Kyoto Protocol was that industrialize ...

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