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HCL Technologies Limited or HCLTECH

The Company is one of the leading global IT services company that works with clients in the sectors that impact and redefine the core of their several businesses. In 1999, since its emergence on global landscape after its IPO, the company focused on 'transformational outsourcing,' emphasized by innovation and value, by offering an integrated services portfolio including software-led IT solutions, engineering, remote infrastructure management, and R&D services and other Business services. Also, HCL leverages its extensive global offshore infrastructure and network of offices in about 31 countries. It provides holistic, multi-service delivery in industrial verticals that include Financial Services, Production, Consumer Services, Public Services, and Healthcare & Life sciences. The Company takes pride in its philosophy of 'Employees First, Customers Second' that empowers its 90,190 transformers for creating real value for the clients. Also, HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, has consolidated revenues of approximately US$ 5.2 billion, as on 31st March 2014 (on the LTM basis). The Company has a portfolio of services that include software-led IT solutions, engineering, remote infrastructure management, and R&D services, and lastly, BPO. The Company has global partnerships with many leading Fortune 1000 firms, including various IT and technology majors as well. It provides services to the industrial sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, aerospace & defense, telecom, travel, retail & CPG, life sciences & healthcare, media & entertainment, transportation & logistics, government, automotive, and energies & utilities. HCL is a $5.2 billion global company that brings IT and engineering services expertise under one roof for solving complex business problems for its clients. The Company holds its extensive global offshore infrastructure and offices in about 31 countries.

Some of the Achievements:

  • The Company made it to the prestigious Forbes annual "2013 'Asia's Fab 50" list. This specific achievement highlights the 'region's best–of–the–best that meets a revenue or market capitalization threshold of about $3 billion.
  • Received the Asia–Pacific Enterprise Leadership Award (APELA) in 2013.
  • The Company Conferred the United Nations–Women Empowerment (UN–WEP) Leadership Award in 2013.
  • Received the IT Europa European IT Excellence Awards in 2013.
  • The Company ranks among the Top 10 Solution Providers in Consumer Goods ' Technology in 2013 'Readers' Choice Awards.
  • Received the ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance, in 2012.
  • In the year 2012, for the fourth time in a row, WorldBlu lists HCL, as one of the Most Democratic Workplaces Worldwide.
  • Received Workforce Management 'magazine's 2012 Optimas Award for Global Outlook, in the achievement of its Working across Borders program.
  • Received the Nasscom Innovation Award in 2012 for Market Facing Innovation.
  • In 2012, HCL was recognized as one of 'Britain's Top Employers for the 5th consecutive year, due to its innovative Employees First philosophy.
  • In 2011, the Company received the Information Technology Services Marketing 'Association's Diamond Award for Marketing Excellence in building client loyalty and trust via its Council of Customer Advisory.
  • Received the T'TPI's Americas Paragon Award for Innovation Excellence and was known as "one of the most innovative R&D Players."
  • The Company was named as one of Britain's Top Employers 2010, by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute, for the fourth consecutive year.
  • The Company has been conferred with the prestigious ''Golden Peacock 'Innovation' Award for its MTaaS (a Business Service Management centric service delivery platform) for offering in the category of IT Sector in October 2009.
  • HCL Customer Standard Parking received the 'Oracle's ''Empower the Green Enterprise'' Award.
  • The Company receives 6 HR Congress Awards 2008 – a recognition for having excellent human resources practices.
  • 'India's Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand – CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Award in 2007.
  • HCL Technologies was named Meritorious Performance Supplier in Sun Microsystems' in 2007 Supplier Awards program. The award recognizes companies that have made exceptional contributions to Sun's record for delivering superior technology, quality service, and fantastic value to its clients.

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