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ITC or ITC Ltd was being incorporated as on August 24, 1910, under the company name Imperial Tobacco Company of India Ltd. for making cigarettes and tobacco. In 1975, it also entered the hospitality business, along with the acquisition of the ITC-Welcome group Hotel Chola. The company name was also changed to I.T.C. Limited in 1974. Concerning, the Company's multi-business portfolio encompassing a spectrum of businesses such as Cigarettes & Tobacco, Information Technology, Hotels, Packaging, Agri–Exports, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Foods, and Lifestyle Retailing and Greeting Gifting & Stationery, and the full stops in the Company's name were being removed effective from September 18, 2001. It now stands rechristened as the 'ITC Limited.' It is one of India's foremost private sector companies, along with a market capitalization of about US $ 14 billion and a turnover of more than $ 5 billion. It is also rated among the World's Best Big Companies, and Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies as per the Forbes magazine, and also among India's Most Respected Companies by BusinessWorld and even India's Most Valuable Companies by Business currently. It ranks among India's 10 of the Most Valuable (Company) Brands', in a study conducted by Brand Finance and being published by the Economic Times. It also ranks among Asia's 50 best-performing companies being compiled by Business Week. It has a diversified presence in Hotels, Cigarettes, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Agri-Business, Packaging, Information Technology, Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel, Stationery, Safety Matches, Personal Care, and the other FMCG products. Due to its outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards, Packaging, and Agri-Exports, it is also quickly gaining the market share even in its businesses of Branded Apparel, Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Personal Care and Stationery. Being India's most valuable as well as respected corporations, it is widely perceived to be completely nation-oriented.

Some Business Divisions of the company:


  • Cigarettes
  • Foods
  • Lifestyle Retailing
  • Personal Care

Other divisions:

  • Both the Education & Stationery Safety Matches Agarbattis Hotels Paperboards & the other Packaging.
  • The Specialty Papers Packaging Agri-Businesses Agri Commodities e-Choupal Leaf Tobacco Information Technology.

Some of the Milestones:

  • It entered the food business in 2001, and its product line in this sector consists of brands 'Kitchens of India', ‘Candyman,’ ‘Aashirvaad atta,’ ‘Sunfeast’ & ‘Bingo!’
  • In 2002, it also entered the marketing of matches; and now it markets popular safety matches brands such as Mangaldeep, iKno, Aim, Aim Mega, and Aim Metro.
  • In 2003, it forayed into the marketing of Agarbattis (or incense sticks), creating brands such as Mangaldeep, Spriha, Aim Metro, and more.
  • It introduced Essenza Di Wills, which is an exclusive range of fine fragrances and also the bath & body care products for both men and women in July 2005.
  • It also introduced the 'Superia' range of Soaps and Shampoos in the mass-market category at select markets in October 2007 and also Vivel De Wills & Vivel range of soaps in the February and Vivel range of shampoos in the June 2008.
  • In 2013: Its hotels tied up with RP Group Hotels & Resorts for managing 5 hotels in India and Dubai, also under ITC Hotels’ 5-star ‘WelcomHotel’ brand and the group’s mid-market to upscale ‘Fortune’ b

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