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In 1985, it was established as the Kotak Mahindra group, which has been one of India's most reputed financial corporations. In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, which is the group's flagship company, was allotted the license for carrying on banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (or RBI). This kind of approval created banking history since Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. is the first non-banking finance company in India that converted itself into a bank as Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Currently; it is one of the fastest-growing banks and also among the most admired financial institutions in India. It has over 323 branches and a customer account base of about 2.7 million. It is spread countrywide, not just in the metros but also in Tier-II cities and rural India as well, and it is redefining the reach and power of the banking system. Now, it is engaged in commercial banking, mutual funds, stockbroking, life insurance, and investment banking. Also, it caters to the financial needs of both individuals as well as corporates. It has an international presence via its subsidiaries with offices in New York, London, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, and San Francisco that specializes in offering services to overseas investors seeking to invest in India.

Some of its Products and Services:

  • It offers complete financial solutions for the infinite demands of all individual and non-individual customers depending on the needs of customers - delivered via a state of the art technology platform. Also, Investment products such as Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, retailing of gold coins and bars, and more are offered. It follows a mix of both open and closed architecture for the distribution of the investment products. And the entire thing is being backed by strong and in-house research on Mutual Funds.
  • Its savings account also goes beyond the traditional role of savings and allows us to put aside a lot more than only money. The worry-a free feature of Savings Account offers a spectrum of services from bill payments, funds transfer, 2-way sweep via our ActivMoney feature and much more. Also, it can place standing instructions for investment options that can be booked via the Internet or Phone banking services. Also, the Savings Account provides several attractive returns earned via comprehensive suite products and services that offer investment options and all are delivered seamlessly to the customer by well-integrated technology platforms.
  • Apart from Phone banking and Internet banking, it also offers convenient banking facilities via SMS services, Mobile banking, Netc@rd, Home banking, and BillPay facility, among others.
  • Also, the Depository services offered by the Bank allow the customers to hold government securities, equity shares, bonds, and several other securities in both electronic or Demat forms.
  • About the business community, it offers comprehensive business solutions that include the Trade Services, Current Account, Cash Management Service, and other Credit Facilities. Its wholesale banking products offer business banking solutions for long-term investments and working capital needs, and advice on mergers and acquisitions and equipment financing. To meet the special needs of the rural market, it has dedicated business offerings for agricultural funding and infrastructure. Its Agriculture Finance division delivers customized products for capital financing and equipment financing needs of our rural customers.
  • For financial liquidity, it also offers loans that meet personal needs with quick approval and flexible payment options. To complete the personal financial offerings space, it now offers Kotak Credit Card that is a hassle-free and transparent product, which is the first vertical credit card in the industry.
  • It addresses the entire spectrum of the financial needs of Non-Resident Indian

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