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Nestle India Limited or NESTLEIND

Nestle has its presence in India for about nine decades and making it one of the oldest companies in the country. Also, Nestlé India is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA of Switzerland. It has its headquarters at Gurgaon near Delhi and has approximately seven factories spread across the country. It started its journey in India by entering into the dairy business in 1912. Nestlé India is considered as one of the most prominent players in the FMCG segment with the presence in milk & nutrition, beverages, prepared dishes & cooking aids & chocolate & confectionery sections. It also manufactures products of truly international quality under internationally famous brand names such as NESCAFÉ, MAGGI, MILKY BAR, KIT KAT, BAR–ONE, MILKMAID, and NESTEA. In a few years, the Company has introduced daily products for consumption and use such as NESTLÉ Milk, NESTLÉ SLIM Milk, NESTLÉ Dahi, and NESTLÉ Jeera Raita. It has created brands such as Nestlé Milkmaid, Nestlé Everyday, Maggi Noodles, Maggi Soups, Polo, Kit Kat, Nescafe & much more. According to the market position, Nestlé India stands first in the instant noodles & ketchup, and second in healthy soups, No.1 in instant coffee, & No.2 in the overall chocolate section. It is continuously focusing on understanding the changing lifestyles in India. It helps it to foresee needs in its product offerings. The company also innovates new product & renovates the existing one providing high-quality, secure food products at the affordable prices.

Some of the Milestones:

  • CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards honored Nescafe as the most preferred coffee brand.
  • Business India also rated Nestlé India as No.1 on Return on Capital Employed among the Super 100 companies.
  • In 2006–2007, Nestlé India was awarded as the 'Best Exporter of Instant Coffee,' 'The Highest Exporter to Russia and CIS,' 'The Highest Exporter to Far East Countries.'
  • In 2009, Nestle India Board also approved Proposal for acquiring the Healthcare Nutrition Business of the Speciality Foods.
  • In 2010, Nestlé inaugurates New Culinary Plant at Nanjangud.
  • In 2010–12, CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards Business India has also rated Nestle India as No.1 on Return on Capital Employed amongst the Super 100 companies.
The company also introduced products in the milk section for daily consumption and use such as Nestle Milk, Nestle Slim Milk, Nestle Fresh' n' Natural Dahi and Nestle Jeera Raita.

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