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NTPC, which is India's largest power company, was being incorporated on November 7, 1975, for accelerating power development in India. Now, it has emerged as an ‘Integrated Power Major,’ along with a vital presence in the whole value chain of power generation business. Along with a current generating capacity of about 30,144 MW, NTPC has embarked on plans to become a 75,000 MW company until 2017. It is also emerging as a diversified power major with a presence in the entire value chain of the power generation business. It has also ventured into power trading, consultancy, ash utilization, and coal mining. Right from social to developmental work of the community and welfare-based dependence to creating greater self-reliance; the constant endeavor is to institutionalize social responsibility on various levels. Currently, it generates power from Coal and Gas. And with an installed capacity of about 30,144 MW, it is the largest power generating major in the country. It has also diversified into hydropower, oil & gas exploration, coal mining, power equipment manufacturing, and power trading & distribution. And with an increasing presence in the power value chain, it is on its way to becoming an “Integrated Power Major” and also the first among power utilities in India to start Environment Impact Assessment (or EIA) studies and reinforced it with Periodic Environmental Audits and Reviews.

The business area of the company:

  • Power Generation
  • Consultancy services
  • Power trading
  • Ash utilization
  • Coal mining

Some of the Business divisions:

  • Hydro Power:It entered the hydropower business, along with the 800 MW Koldam hydro project in Himachal Pradesh. Also, the two more projects have been taken up in Uttarakhand. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary named, NTPC Hydro Ltd., which is setting up hydro projects of capacities up to 250 MW.
  • Coal Mining:Also in a major backward integration move for creating fuel security, it has ventured into the coal mining business intending to meet about 20% of its coal needs from its captive mines by 2017. Also, the Government of India has allotted seven coal blocks to NTPC, with two blocks to be developed via the joint venture route. Moreover, coal production is to start in 2009–10.
  • Power Trading:The 'NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd.' (or NVVN), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary was created for the trading power leading to optimal utilization of the NTPC’s assets. It is also the second-largest power trading company nationwide. So, to facilitate power trading in India, ‘National Power Exchange Ltd.,’ which is a JV between NTPC, NHPC, PFC, and TCS is being formed for operating a Power Exchange.
  • Ash Business:It has focused on the utilization of ash generated by its power stations for converting the challenge of ash disposal into an opportunity. As it is being used as a raw material input for the cement companies and brick manufacturers. So, it is engaged in the business of Fly Ash export and the sale to domestic customers. Its joint ventures with several cement companies are being planned to set up various cement grinding units in the vicinity of the NTPC stations.
  • Power Distribution:The NTPC Electric Supply Company Ltd.’ (NESCL), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC, was being set up for distribution of power. It is also actively engaged in ‘Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojana’programme for the rural electrification and also working as an 'Advisor cum Consultant' for the Ministry of Power for the implementation of Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (or the APDRP) introduced by the Govern

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