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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries began with just five products for treating psychiatry ailments in the year 1983. Its sales were initially limited to only two states such as West Bengal and Bihar. Soon, its sales were rolled out nationally in the year 1985. Also, the products being used in cardiology were introduced in 1987, and Monotrate, which is one of the first products introduced at that time, it became one of our largest selling products. Also, several other vital products in Cardiology were added; and several of these were being introduced in India. It was also listed on the main stock exchanges in India in 1994. It is an international specialty pharma company, along with a presence in 30+ markets. It also makes several active pharmaceutical ingredients. And in branded markets, its products are recommended in chronic therapy areas such as psychiatry, cardiology, neurology, diabetology, gastroenterology, and respiratory. Also, knowing the fact that research is a critical growth driver, they soon established their research center SPARC in 1993, and it created a base of robust product and process development skills. In India, it has reached leadership in almost each of the therapy areas where we operate, and it’s also rated among the leading companies by key customers. So, growing market share and retaining this customer focus persists to be a high priority area for the company. The other API plant, its Ahmednagar plant, was being acquired from the multinational Knoll Pharmaceuticals in 1996, and also upgraded for approvals from regulated markets, along with substantial capacity besides over the years. It was the first of many sensibly priced acquisitions, each of that would bring essential parts to the long-term strategy. Also, with world-class technology and a team of robust professionals, it built sites and systems that could meet the most stringent international manufacturing standards. Also, the expert quality teams ensure that both systems and processes remain in compliance, along with the latest standards. Also, several plants hold approvals from both the USFDA and the UK MHRA. Both APIs and Dosage forms were made in 19 sites across India, Hungary, the US, and Bangladesh.

  • Formulation:It is a market leader in specialty therapy areas, along with high-quality brands trusted for the chronic disease. Its comprehensive product basket and products, along with technology-based differentiation, are the highlights. It makes specialty formulations across a spectrum of dosage forms such as oral, injectable, and delivery system based.
  • API:Its API (or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) program started in 1995 with a simple objective- of facilitating the manufacture of complicated formulations, and for that sourcing the API will restrict entry. It also makes specialty APIs that include steroids, peptides, hormones, and anticancer at an internationally approved world-class site. It also has over 1600 registrations in 30 countries, and more than 1000 registrations filed and pending approval. In such countries, it uses the same approach to specialty brand building as well as customer focus that has worked for it in India.

The Manufacturing of product in the following therapy areas:

  • CNS disorders
  • Cardiology
  • Diabetes and Metabolic disorders
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oncology
  • Pain
  • Allergy, Asthma, and Inflammation
  • Gynecological

Some Other group companies:

  • Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories:It is based in Detroit, Michigan. Caraco develops, and manufactures, and markets and distributes generic and private-label pharmaceuticals and markets them across the United States.
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Inc. (or SPI):It

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