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In 1945, Tata Motors was being established as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. for manufacturing locomotives and various other engineering products. It is also India's largest automobile company, with standalone revenues of INR 25,660.79 crores (or USD 5.5 billion) in 2008-09. It is also the leader in commercial vehicles in each sector, and also among the top three in passenger vehicles with several winning products in the midsize car, compact, and utility vehicle sectors. It is also the world's fourth-largest truck manufacturer, and also the world's second-largest bus manufacturer. It has 23,000 employees that are guided by the vision to be the 'best in the manner that they operate best in the products they deliver and best in their value system and ethics.' It is also expanding its international footprint, and established via exports in 1961. It’s both commercial and passenger vehicles are already being marketed in many countries such as Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, and South America. Also, it has franchisee/joint venture assembly operations in countries such as Bangladesh, Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, and Senegal. In May 2009, it also ushered in a new era in the Indian automobile industry, by unveiling its new range of the world standard trucks. In their speed, power, carrying capacity, and operating economy & trims, it will launch new benchmarks in India and match the best worldwide in performance at a lower life-cycle cost. Through its subsidiaries, it is engaged in construction equipment manufacturing, engineering and automotive solutions, machine tools and factory automation solutions, automotive vehicle components manufacturing and supply chain activities, high-precision tooling and plastic and electronic components for both the automotive and computer applications, and also the automotive retailing & service operations. According to the Tata Group traditions, it is committed in letter and spirit to Corporate Social Responsibility. So, it is also a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and is also engaged in the community and social initiatives on both labor and environment standards in agreement with the laws of the Global Compact. So, according to it, it plays a vital and active role in community development and serving rural communities alongside its manufacturing locations.

The Product range of the company:

  1. Passenger Cars:
  • Indica V2, Indica Vista, indica V2 Turbo, Indica V2 Xeta, Aria, Zest, Indica V2 Dicor., and Bolt (upcoming).
  • Indigo, Indigo XL, Indigo Marina Indigo CS.
  • Nano.
  1. Some Utility Vehicles:
  • Sumo.
  • Safari Dicor.
  • Sumo Grande.
  • Xenon XT.
  1. Some of the Trucks:
  • The Light Commercial Vehicles, TL 4×4, Small Commercial Vehicles.
  • The Medium & Heavy Comm. Vehicles, Tata Novus.
  • The intermediate Commercial Vehicles.
  1. Commercial Passenger Carriers:
  • Buses.
  • Winger.
  • Magic
  1. Defence Vehicles

Some Subsidiaries of the company:

  • Concorde Motors (India) Ltd. (Concorde).
  • Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company Ltd (TDWCV).
  • Hispano Carrocera S. A. (HC).
  • Jaguar Land Rover.
  • Tata Technologies Ltd. (TTL) and its subsidiaries.
  • Telco Construction Equipment Co. Ltd. (Telcon).
  • HV Axles Ltd. (HVAL).
  • HV Transmissions Ltd. (HVTL).
  • TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (TAL).
  • Sheba Properties Ltd. (Sheba).
  • Tata Motors, Thailand.
  • Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc.
  • Tata Motors Insurance Broking & Advisory Services Ltd (or TMIBASL).
  • Tata Motors Finance Limited.
  • Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd (or TMML).
  • Tata Motors (SA) Proprietary Ltd (or TMSA).
  • TML Distribution Company Ltd (or TDCL).

Some of the Milestones:

  • 1945:The Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd. was being established to manufacture locomotives and several other engineering products.
  • 1948:The Steam road roller was introduced in collaboration with Marshall Sons (in the UK).
  • 1959:The Research and Development Centre was set up at Jamshedpur.
  • 1961:Soon, the exports began with the first truck being shipped to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.
  • 2012:
  • It entered Bangladesh’s new car market.
  • Also, Tata Ace raced via the one-million mark within only 2,680 days.
  • The Tata Safari Storme is the Real SUV that hits the road.
  • Introduction of PT Tata Motors Indonesia.
  • The Tata Motors plant located at Dharwad comes on stream.
  • It entered into a distribution agreement in Myanmar.
  • Introduction of Tata Ace in South Africa.
  • 2013:
  • Tata Nano became the first Auto Brand in India that crossed 3 million fans on Facebook.
  • Also, Tata Indigo eCS entered Limca Book of Records.
  • The Tata Motors' Jamshedpur plant rolled out its two millionth truck.
  • Tata Nano also offered the industry-the first phenomenon that is Swipe your credit card and drive home a Nano.
  • It introduced the world-class range of Tata PRIMA trucks in Sri Lanka.

Some of the Achievements:

  • It is among India’s most Trusted Brand in cars.
  • It won the award at the Bangkok International Motor Expo.
  • Tata Motors: Investor Relations ranked first in India.
  • The Nirmal Gram Puraskar awarded to Potka panchayat.
  • It bagged the NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award in 2008.
  • EEPC awarded it the Top Exporter Trophy.
  • The CVBU Pune won the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in 2007.
  • Also, the PCBU bags Handa Golden Key Award.
  • It received Uptime Champion Award in 2007.
  • It aggregates Business, CVBU, bags 'Best Supplier Award' from ECEL.
  • It received the 'NDTV Profit' Business Leadership Award.
  • It bags National Award for Excellence in Cost Management.
  • Also, its TRAKIT bags silver award for 'Excellence in Design.'
  • Tata Motors Pune: CVBU also bagged the 'Golden Peacock National Quality Award.
  • It was awarded four prestigious honors, at the 'CNBC TV18- Autocar.
  • It was also chosen as India's Most Trusted Brand in Cars.
  • Also, Business today selects Mr. P.P. Kadle as India's Best CFO in the year 2005.
  • It is the 'Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year.'


  • The Good Corporate Citizen award.
  • It received National Award for Successful Commercialization of Indigenous Technology.
  • The National Award for R&D Efforts.
  • The Regional Top Exporter's Trophy.
  • The Best Company Award at Workskills Competition.
  • It received the EEPC Award for Tata Engineering.

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