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Stock Analysis Summary: ADANIPORTS

ADANIPORTS Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2019-07-19 414.55 416.65 401.75 405.25 405.50 1,894,624 24%
2019-07-18 416.70 419.30 410.75 413.60 412.40 1,300,071 24%
2019-07-17 420.20 421.10 414.30 417.00 417.05 1,698,318 27%
2019-07-16 411.65 421.50 407.65 420.70 417.75 2,111,513 38%
2019-07-15 413.55 416.20 408.10 411.00 409.10 2,601,603 51%
2019-07-12 411.95 419.40 409.60 415.90 415.30 2,818,537 39%
2019-07-11 408.20 413.70 403.90 411.40 412.90 1,732,979 32%
*Markets are currently closed.

ADANIPORTS breached the lows of past 7 days - 392 to act as intraday support.
ADANIPORTS is trading near the highs of last 1 year.

ADANIPORTS is trading near the Bottom of the day's range. Lower High and Lower Low compared to previous day. Bearish
Day's Range: 401.75 ~ 416.65
ADANIPORTS opened at 414.55 compared to previous close of 412.40

1 candlestick pattern: none
2 candlestick pattern: none
3 candlestick pattern: none

ADANIPORTS day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2019-05-20 376.05~372.80 to act as support.

Classic Pivot

S4 363.27
S3 378.17
S2 393.07
S1 399.28
LTP = 405.25
Pivot 407.97
R1 414.18
R2 422.87
R3 437.77
R4 452.67

Woodie's Pivot

S4 377.3
S3 392.2
S2 396.98
LTP = 405.25
S1 407.1
Pivot 411.88
R1 422
R2 426.78
R3 436.9
R4 451.8

Fibonacci Pivots

S3 393.07
S2 398.76
S1 402.27
LTP = 405.25
Pivot 407.97
R1 413.66
R2 417.18
R3 422.87

Camarilla Pivots

S4 397.31
S3 401.4
S2 402.77
S1 404.13
LTP = 405.25
R1 406.87
R2 408.23
R3 409.6
R4 413.7

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2019-07-19

Day's Range (.)

20 Day Range (.)

50 Day Range (.)

52-Week Range (.)

20-Day SMA: 410.0

20-Day average volume: 2,361,202

ADANIPORTS has average daily volume of 2,361,202 compared to today's volume of 1,895,000. It is currently trading Below 20 day simple moving average.

Intraday Bearish!!!

50-Day SMA: 406.8
50-Day average volume: 4,251,472
It is currently trading about 6% below it's 52-week high.


It is the largest private port and exclusive economic zone, which was incorporated as Gujarat Adani Port (GAPL) in 1998 with the aim to develop a private port at Mundra, on the west coast of India. The company had also commenced commercial operations in October 2001. The Mundra Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) was also incorporated in November 2003, to set up an S..EZ at Mundra. MSEZ was also merged with GAPL in April 2006. Later, the company was renamed as the Mundra Port and Special Economic for reflecting the nature of the business. The Adani Group promotes this particular company. Here, the group is a business behemoth which is wholly based in India and has a global footprint with the interests in Infrastructure, and Power, and Global Trading, and Logistics, and Energy, and Port & SEZ, and Mining, and Oil & Gas, and Agri Business, and FMCG products, and Real Estate Development, and Bunkering and so much more. It is also the largest single port that provides cargo handling and the other value-added port services. This port offers several locational and logistical advantages. And the company offers the following facilities such as Dry Cargo Handling & Storage. The Mundra Port has State–of–the–art facilities for the handling and warehousing of dry cargo.

Some of the additional facilities:

  1. 4 Gottwald and 4 Liebherr mobile harbor cranes with a handling capacity of 750 tons per hour (TPH) per crane
  2. 22 bagging lines capable of 1008 TPH in total.
  3. 6 km long import and export conveyor system which is capable of handling about 1,500 TPH of import and also the 1,000 TPH of export cargo
  4. 2 mobile hoppers for direct discharge into the import conveyors
  5. 6 portable hoppers for immediate release into dumpers
  6. Wheat cleaning and rice sorting systems
  7. It contains State of the art which is a fully mechanized fertilizer cargo complex.
  8. One 1,000 TPH ship loader

Rail Transport:

  1. It has seven railway sidings with the two dedicated diesel locomotives
  2. It can handle double stack container trains

Road Transport:

It is connected to NH 8A, and the existing 10 km long external Four lane road is connecting to the Mundra Port which is having navigational guidance via various signboards & landmarks at appropriate points.

Rail Over Bridge:

Here, to streamline, ease and speed up the ever–increasing road traffic flow, a four-lane 1.5 long dedicated Rail Over Bridge (RoB) which is already commissioned within the port area. This is the first private four-lane RoB which is within the port area in India capable of withstanding a load bearing capacity of 100 MT.

The Marine Services:

The company also provides the following marine services to vessels:
  1. Freshwater services
  2. The Bunker services are at a competitive price
  3. Reception facilities for sludge and slop
  4. Garbage collection facilities
  5. Firefighting services on demand
  6. Gangway security
  7. Fresh provisions and stores
  8. Bonded store items
  9. The Sign–on and sign–off facility with direct flights to Mumbai
  10. Medical facilities


It is run by Adani Bunkering Services which offers all types of grades of the fuel oil & gas oil as per ISO specification at the globally competitive price. Some advantages of bunkering at Mundra Port are described below:
  1. Compliance with MARPOL Annex VI requirements
  2. The services are offered at par with International Standards, by two owned–barges and oil terminal inside Mundra Port

Ship Repair Facility:

It was constructed and made operational, and the first tug docked for dry docking maintenance was Tug Khusboo. Meanwhile, Air Bags technology for Upslip and Downslip was also used first time at MUNDRA.

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