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Affle (India) Limited is a leading mobile advertising and analytics company, founded in 2005 by Anuj Khanna and Anuj Kumar Sama. The company provides a platform that enables marketers to reach their target audience through mobile advertising. Over the years, Affle has expanded its services and technology offerings to include data-driven insights, consumer behavior analysis, and programmatic advertising.

In terms of financial performance, Affle has seen strong growth in recent years, with revenue increasing year over year. The company has also seen an increase in profitability, with a positive net income in recent fiscal years.

Affle's main competitors in the mobile advertising space include companies such as InMobi, Google, and Facebook.

In terms of industry analysis, the mobile advertising industry is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and the shift towards digital advertising. There is a high demand for targeted and data-driven mobile advertising solutions, which bodes well for Affle's growth prospects.

SWOT analysis:


  • Strong technology and data-driven insights capabilities
  • Experienced management team
  • Growing demand for mobile advertising solutions


  • Intense competition in the mobile advertising space
  • Dependence on a few key clients
  • Rapidly changing technology and consumer behavior


  • Growing demand for targeted and data-driven mobile advertising solutions
  • Expansion into new geographies and markets
  • Partnership and collaboration opportunities with other technology companies


  • Intense competition in the mobile advertising space
  • Technological advancements that could disrupt Affle's business model
  • Changes in consumer behavior and mobile usage patterns

The major growth drivers for Affle in the future include continued growth in the mobile advertising industry, expanding into new geographies and markets, and partnering with other technology companies to offer innovative solutions to clients.


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