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Founded: 1972

Founder: Onkar Kawar

Headquarters: Gurgaon


  •  It is a large performed company leading Indian tyre Apollo is a young, ambitious, and dynamic organization. 
  •  In 1976, it was registered as a company and built the principles of creating stakeholder value within the closed Economy. 
  • Apollo operates branded and exclusive or multi-product outlets.
  • The company produces the entire range of all the automotive tyres for ultra and high-speed passenger cars, trucks, bus, farm, and Off–the–road. 
  • They are manufacturing in approximately eight locations in India.
  • The ninth position is currently under construction in southern India. Apollo, Kaizen, Dunlop, Maloya, Vredestein, and Regal have several significant brands produced across these locations. 
  • It also has markets outside India, Southern Africa, and Europe. 
  •  In South Africa, the branded outlets known as Dunlop Zones.
  • Manufacturing locations across the world have crossed over 70 destinations until now, comprising Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
  • The company also leads to awareness programs for high HIV–AIDS. 
  • It initiates Health Care Clinics across the country for the safety of driving habits.

Some Products of the company

  1. Passenger Car Tyres
  2. Alloy Wheels
  3. Sports Utility Tyres
  4. Van Tyres
  5. Passenger Winter Tyres
  6. Heavy Commercial Tyres
  7. Light Commercial Tyres
  8. Small Commercial Tyres
  9. Agriculture Radial Tyres
  10. Agriculture Cross-ply Tyres
  11. Off–The–Road Tyres
  12. Specialty Vehicles Tyres

Some Achievements

  1. 2006: The Management was awarded the CII to Limda, Gujarat
  2. 2006:The Kerala State got Energy Conservation Award
  3.  2008: Best Brand 2008 by Auto India
  4. Award for Acelere Sportz at NDTV Car & Bike for automotive Product of the Year
  5. Safety award for the Apollo Safe Drive campaign IRTE
  6. The National Award for Excellence in Water
  7. The first manufacturer in South Africa awarded the ISO 14001 certification.

Some Subsidiaries of the company

Apollo Radial Tyres

Apollo Automotive Tyres

Apollo (Mauritius) Holdings

Dunlop Tyres International Pty, South Africa

Some of the Future Plans

  •  1. Tyres will be gunning for the No.1 for the development of sporting talent,  
  •  2. Nurture and train youngsters in sports.
  • 3. To expand,Hungary facility also ties with automobile companies to serve them in Europe

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