173.4INR + 0.15 (+ 0.09%) VOLUME : 10655000
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 3,421,400.00
  • 20-Day 2,692,849.95
  • 3-Months 2,681,916.57


Price Table

Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
Low GREEN:if Low is higher than last 2 days low
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
LTP Close GREEN:if Day's Closing is near the Day's High
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
Volume Delivery % 20 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 20-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 20-Day SMA
50 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 50-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 50-Day SMA
100 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 100-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 100-Day SMA
200 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 200-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 200-Day SMA
06-Dec-19 177.00 177.50 171.20 173.40 173.90 10,658,225 24% 168.25 174.25 172.03 188.08
05-Dec-19 170.85 174.20 169.00 173.50 173.25 2,248,253 15% 167.91 174.55 172.15 188.23
04-Dec-19 166.00 170.60 165.15 170.10 170.10 1,462,104 29% 167.67 174.79 172.29 188.40
03-Dec-19 169.00 169.75 164.60 166.70 166.30 1,638,809 30% 168.16 174.90 172.55 188.55
02-Dec-19 169.00 169.00 166.25 168.50 168.05 1,099,589 18% 169.12 175.17 172.88 188.73
29-Nov-19 171.00 172.80 167.30 167.80 168.05 2,077,562 39% 170.18 175.36 173.21 188.89
28-Nov-19 171.75 172.75 169.40 171.70 171.35 2,719,784 30% 171.29 175.61 173.53 189.09


Key Data

Day High Low Range

Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 173.30 177.50
11 AM 173.20 177.50
12 PM 171.25 177.50
1 PM 171.25 177.50
2 PM 171.20 177.50

Company Profile - APOLLOTYRE Ltd.

Apollo Tyres Limited or APOLLOTYRE

It was incepted in the year 1975 with its first plant commissioned in Perambra, Kerala. It is a high–performance company and also the leading Indian tyre manufacturer with its headquarters located in Gurgaon, it is a corporate–hub in the National Capital Region of India. The Apollo is a young, and ambitious, and dynamic organization which takes pride in having and retaining its unique identity. In 1976, it was registered as a company, and built around the core principles of creating stakeholder value by using reliability in its products and dependability in its relationships. Apollo has presented the strength and the market dynamism steps from its early years of strife in the process of establishing as a tyre manufacturer within the closed Indian economy. Over the two decades, it has worked on a portfolio of products and tuned to customer needs and also an array of innovative marketing initiatives to establish itself as ... a leader in the particular home market. The company currently also produces the entire range of all the automotive tyres for ultra and high-speed passenger cars, and truck, and bus, farm, and Off–The–Road, industrial and specialty applications such as mining, retreaded tyres and retreading material. These are produced across Apollo in approximately eight manufacturing locations in India, and the Netherlands and Southern Africa. The ninth facility is currently under construction in southern India. Some of the significant brands produced across these locations are Apollo, Kaizen, Dunlop, Maloya, Vredestein, and Regal. It also has about three domestic markets of India such as Southern Africa, and Europe, where Apollo operates via a network of branded, and exclusive or multi-product outlets. In South Africa, the branded outlets are known as Dunlop Zones, while in India they are variously named as the Apollo Tyre World for the commercial vehicles and the Apollo Radial World for the passenger cars. Exports out of these three key manufacturing locations have reached over 70 destinations across the world, with the key comprising of Europe, and Africa, and the Middle East, and South–East Asia. It also offers the right product to the right customer, which is essential. And some special efforts are made to understand the customer needs and sections in the market accordingly. After this, products are developed for the niche applications within a broader category to enable the company to provide efficient, cost-saving, and fuel and other products to each customer section. Innovation is a basic and an integral part of the Apollo way of doing business, and it applies as much to product development as well as the marketing as to how the company as a whole can be focused on the challenging existing boundaries. There is an integral part of the Apollo Tyres world with its community involvement and giving programs that are directly related to its business. And in India, the focus has always been on finding ways to ensure direct benefits to customer groups. Focused on the commercial vehicle community, the company also conducts the great HIV–AIDS awareness and prevention programs. It has also established a Health Care Clinics across the country to cater to the community and their health needs. For passenger car customers, so the focus is on cultivating safe driving habits. And across its manufacturing locations, the key initiatives revolve around health and the education programs.

Some Products of the company:

  • Passenger Car Tyres
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Sports Utility Tyres
  • Van Tyres
  • Passenger Winter Tyres
  • Heavy Commercial Tyres
  • Light Commercial Tyres
  • Small Commercial Tyres
  • Agriculture Radial Tyres
  • Agriculture Cross-ply Tyres
  • Off–The–Road Tyres
  • Specialty Vehicles Tyres

Some Awards:

  • It was awarded as the Best Brand 2009 by Auto India
  • It was awarded as a Best Brand 2008 by Auto India
  • The Automotive Product of the Year Award for Acelere Sportz at NDTV Car & Bike Awards
  • The Apollo Safe Drive campaign won the IRTE Road Safety Award
  • The National Award for Excellence in Water
  • The Management 2006 and awarded by the CII to Limda, Gujarat.
  • The Kerala State Energy Conservation Award 2006 to Apollo Tyres, Perambra Plant.
  • The first manufacturer in South Africa to be awarded the ISO 14001 certification.

Some Subsidiaries of the company:

  • Apollo Radial Tyres
  • Apollo Automotive Tyres
  • Apollo (Mauritius) Holdings
  • Dunlop Tyres International Pty, South Africa

Some of the Future Plans:

It is one of the largest corporate investors in developing the sporting talent via its Mission 2018, which mainly focuses on nurturing as well as the training of youngsters in sports such as tennis to enable an Indian to win a Singles Grand Slam Championship by the year 2018.