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Founder: Late Kasturbhai Lalbhai

Founded: 1931

Parent: Lalbhai Group.

Headquarters: Naroda, Ahmedabad.

No. of Employees: 25,620+


The Company manufactures maily this products:

Cotton shirt



Bottom-weight (khaki) fabrics.

Company's brands 

Flying Machine



Licensed international brands 


Tommy Hilfiger

Calvin Klein

The Compay runs three clothing and accessories retail chains.

The Arvind Store 




  1. 1897: Arvind Mills starts a business for sarees
  2. 1931: The Company was incorporated with share capital ?165,000 in Ahmedabad. The products manufactured were dhotis, sarees, mulls, dories, crepes, shirtings, lingerie, coatings, printed lawns and voiles cambrics, twills, and gaberdine.
  3. 1987: The company took up a modernization program to triple the production of denim cloth and to produce double yarn fabrics for exports. 
  4. The new product groups identified were the indigo-dyed blue denim, high-quality two-ply fabrics for exports, and products such as sarees, full voils, and dhotis.
  5. 1991: Arvind reached 100 million meters of denim per year.
  6. 1992: The company increased its production of denim cloth by 23,000 tonnes per day.
  7. 1994: The company's operations were divided into textile, telecom, and garments divisions
  8. 1995: The garment division launched ready to stitch jeans pack under the brand Ruf & Tuf.
  9. 1997: The relaunched Flying Machine and Ruggers brand were strengthened.
  10. Arvind Mills set up an anti-piracy cell for the first time in India.
  11. The Company adopted the franchisee system for the manufacture and distribution of Ruf & Tuf jeans.
  12. 1997: Arvind Fashions doubled its capacity in Bangalore to produce Lee jeans.
  13. 1998: Arvind Mills emerged as the world's third-largest manufacturer of denim
  14. 2003: Arvind Mills net profit growth at 280%
  15. 2005: Arvind Mills posted a profit growth in excess of 80%.
  16. Arvind Mills bought an entire stake in Arvind Brands from ICICI Ventures.
  17. 2007: The Company Established MegaMart, one of India's largest value retail chains.
  18. 2010: Arvind launched the Arvind Store, a concept putting the company's best fabrics, brands and bespoke styling and tailoring solutions.
  19. India's largest producers of fire protection fabrics.
  20. 2012: A joint venture with PD Group, Germany, for the manufacture of glass fabrics
  21. 2014: A joint venture with PVH Corp for Calvin Klein Businesses in India
  22. Launched formal suits with Goodhill Corporation Limited of Japan.
  23. 2014: A joint venture with OG Corp, Japan, for the manufacture and sale of non-woven fabrics.
  24. 2014: Forayed into the E-commerce segment with custom clothing brand Creyate
  25. 2014: The company published its maiden Sustainability Report, 'Fundamentally Right'
  26. 2016: The company completely entered online retailing with nnnow.com 
  27. 2016: GAP joins hands with Arvind to sell apparel through NNNow.com.


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