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Incorporated Year: 1993

Founder: Mr.Ashok Katariya


An India based infrastructure development company. 

The Company's projects are under construction in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Odisha, and West Bengal

The Company is occupied in the construction and maintenance of roads and supporting services to land support-operation of toll roads and others. 

The Company operates three segments:


2.Contract related activities BOT Projects, 

3.Sales of Goods. 

In Construction and Contract, the related activities segment consists of the execution of engineering and construction projects to provide civil and electrical engineering to core/infrastructure sectors. The Company's BOT Activity relates to implementing projects on a long-term basis and operating the infrastructure facility. 

Sales of Goods segment includes,

 1. Ready-mix concrete

 2.Plain cement concrete 



Key Products

  1. Contract Revenue
  2. Mix Concrete
  3. Toll Revenue 
  4. Other Operating Revenue
  5. Machinery & Equipment 

Signature Projects

  1. 2014: The Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific awarded CEO. Mr. Sanjay Londhe as 'Engineer of the Year' at an event in Beijing.
  2. 2013: The Company was honored during the EPC World National Level Awards for Outstanding Contribution in Roads and Highways
  3. 2014: The Company was honored during the Worldwide Achievers Awards and awarded Best Construction Company of the Year
  4. 2014: National Awards Road Contractor of the Year.
  5. Mr. Paresh Mehta, CFO honored as MOST INFLUENTIAL CFO's OF INDIA by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants )
  6. 2017: Honored during the 'CIDC Vishwakarma Award for 'Best Professionally Managed Company.'
  7. Honored during 15th CONSTRUCTION WORLD Annual Award as First Fastest Growing Construction Company in the Medium category
  8. 2017: Awarded as "Infrastructure Company Of The Year." 
  9.  Roopnarayan Bridge project won the Silver Award by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.
  10. 2019: Honored during the CIA World Infra Awards, As best Infrastructure Company of The Year.
  11.  2020 During the CIA World Infra Awards awarded for best Roads & Highways Company 

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