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Founder: Raghunandan Saran

Founded: 1948

Headquarters: Dibrugarh


The Company was engaged in the distribution of Austin A40 passenger cars.

 Product includes

  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Engines
  • Defense & Special Vehicles

Associates Companies

  • Automotive Coaches & Components Ltd (ACCL)
  • Lanka Ashok Leyland
  • Hinduja Foundries
  • Ashok Leyland Project Services Limited


1949:  Austin Car was rolled out

1955: Ashok motors become Ashok Leyland

1966: Introduced full air brakes

1967: The Company launched the first double-decker bus

1969: First-time power steering in commercial vehicles

1970: Specially designed vehicles for the Indian Army

1972: Production target reached to 10,000 a year

1974: Turnover tops Rs 1000 million 

1976: The first bus with unique front entry hit the Indian roads

1978: The First 'Cheetah' was introduced

1979: Introduced multi-axle trucks

1980: B ton Truck Tusker with 125 hp engine was introduced

1982: two Manufacturing facility at Bhandara, and Alwar in March and August.

1990: Technical center at Vellivoyalchavadi (outskirts of Madras)

1992: Won self–certification status for defense supplies

1993: Received ISO 9002 

1995: First driver training facility set upright in the heart of Tamil Nadu

1996: Hosur plant 2 Inaugurated

1997: India's first CNG launched

1997: Stallion all-terrain logistic vehicle was launched for the Indian Army

2001: Received ISO 14001 certification for all manufacturing units

2002: Launched hybrid electric vehicle2003 – Dheeraj Hinduja Elected Vice Chairman of Ashok Leyland Board

2004: 'state–of–the–art' Driver Training Institute at Burari

2005: 'State–of–the–art' Driver Training Institute opens in Delhi

2005: When the Srinagar – Muzzafarabad road route was open for traffic, the first vehicle to cross from the Indian side was a Stag bus, flagged off by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

2006 – Ashok Leyland and Bosch have joined hands with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) to set up the Ashok Leyland and Bosch Centre of Excellence in Engineering Design at the IITM campus

2007 – The company unveiled 4921 TT, a 6x4 tractor with a gross vehicle weight of 49 tonnes

2008: A joint venture with John Deere, USA. for the manufacturing and marketing of construction equipment.

2009 – Ashok Leyland and Bank of Baroda signed an MoU wherein Bank of Baroda will fund Ashok Leyland’s end–customers as well as finance its dealers’ inventory

2010: The U truck platform Launched

2011:Ashok Leyland forays in small commercial vehicle segment; launches “DOST” in JV with Nissan Motor.

2013: Launched the STILE, a stylish Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) based on a contemporary, award-winning vehicle platform.

2013: Launched the BOSS, an intermediate commercial vehicle (ICV), that seamlessly combines the strength and ruggedness of a truck with the comfort of a car.

2014: Two new Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) – 



 India’s first air-conditioned LCV goods vehicle, and an LCV bus with best in comfort.

2015: LCV Truck–Partner powered by advanced ZD30 Common Rail diesel engine, that ensures superior fuel-efficiency.

2016: Guru and partner launched

2017: Captain Haulage, Dost+ launched


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