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Incorporated: 1996

Marketcap: Rs 30558.07 Crore

Founder: Sandeep Engineer



The company aims to manufacture plumbing and drainage systems in India.

Astral stands for innovation and setting new trends in the piping industry. 

Bringing newer piping technologies and continuous innovation in existing as well as new products have been the focal point at Astral


Astral is also known for its compromise-free quality and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Right from introducing new piping technologies to innovative brand communications


  1. The company started its commercial production of CPVC pipes and fittings at santej–15 Km from Ahmedabad. 
  2. Got the first licensee of Lubrizol of USA (which is formerly known as BF Goodrich, a fortune 500 company)
  3. Astral has an equity joint venture with the Specialty Process LLC of USA (the manufacturing CPVC plumbing system for 25 years) for the first time in the country.
  4. The company manufactures CPVC plumbing systems for both residential as well as industrial applications
  5. The ASTM solvent weld leads the free PVC plumbing system.
  6. It supplies the state-of-the-art production facilities located at Ahmedabad and Himachal Pradesh for manufacturing the plumbing systems from ½” to 6” with entire the necessary fittings. 

Astral’s brand mission 

 1. Maintain and grow a commanding presence in the minds of customers 

 2. Delivered promised values, consistently.

Revenue Segments includes:

  1. Plastic Products which contributed Rs 2038.50 Crore 
  2. Sales Value (99.78 % of Total Sales) and 
  3. Other Operating Revenue which contributed Rs 4.30 Crore 


The company has clients from various industries such as 


Gokulam Medical Research 

Krishna Heart Hospital Unity Hospital

Hotel & Restaurant 

The Imperial


Hotel Claridges 

Hotel Abbott, and more.

Government organizations 

Canadian Embassy - 

New Delhi, and 

Embassy Of France New Delhi

American Embassy New Delhi 

British High Commission New Delhi

Technology parks 

Infocity - Gandhinagar and 

Silicon County - Hyderabad 

Resorts & clubs 

Nanu Resorts (Goa), 


Hiranandani construction, 

G.L Raheja group, and so much more.

Pipes manufacturing units are:

  • Santej, Gujarat
  • Dholka, Gujarat
  • Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Ghiloth, Rajasthan
  • Sangli, Maharashtra
  • Sitarganj, Uttarakhand



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