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Chairman: Narayan K Seshadri

Founded: 1979

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Parent organizationAstra Pharmaceuticals AB

Employees: 1325


AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited is a global biopharmaceutical company. 

The Company is engaged in the discovery, development, and commercialization of medicines for healthcare, including cardiovascular/metabolic disease, cancer, and respiratory, inflammatory, and autoimmune disease. 

The Company operates through two segments: 

a. Healthcare.

b. Clinical Trial. 

The Healthcare segment engages in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products. 

The Clinical Trial segment renders clinical trial services on pharmaceutical products to its group companies. 



Awards and Achievements

  1. It was promoter jointly by Astra Pharmaceuticals AB Sweden (Astra), and IDL Chemicals Ltd Hyderabad.
  2. 1980: The Company entered into a technical collaboration with Astra
  3. The Company supply for information and know-how and all manufacturing process and technical data for the manufacture of basic drugs, formulations, fine chemicals, and industrial chemicals.
  4. The Company undertook to set up a project at Yelahanka Bangalore for the manufacture of basic drugs, formulations, fine including industrial chemicals. 
  5. 1982: The pharmaceuticals and chemicals plant was commissioned in February
  6. 1982-2,000: shares issued to promoters etc. 24,98,000 shares issued at par 6,43,235 shares each allotted to Astra Pharmaceuticals AB Sweden and IDL Chemicals Ltd 3,78,830 shares allotted to Indian directors, shareholders, and employees, shareholders, and employees, etc. of the company and 8,32,700 shares offered for public subscription.
  7. 1988: The Company launched `SENSORCAINE' a long-acting local anesthetic for use in surgical anesthesia and introduced`THEOBRIC' a combination of Branco dilator for asthma. 
  8. The Company launched`RESTOMYCIN' an antibiotic
  9. `BROMENYL' cough expectorant and `FEBRAFEN' for pain and fever.
  10. The Company launched `PROSTODIN'the first prostaglandin with an important indication for postpartum hemorrhage etc. Several new products were launched during the year, namely, SELOPRES, BETALOC DURULES, TRIPRES, SENSORCAINE SPINAL, and BRICANYL, NEBULISING SOLUTION. 
  11. It launched products based on inhalation therapy such as `PULMICORTINHALER' BRICANYL INHALER and SPACEHALER.
  12. 1991: The Company launched a product in the Prostaglandins range`PIMIPROST' for the promotion of safe motherhood.
  13. 1992: The Company launched Prostaglandin`Cerviprime Gel' for cervical ripening and `Plendil' a new generation calcium antagonist. 
  14. 1994: The Company proposed to launch Ramace, Rhinocort, and Imdur. which strengthens the cardiovascular range of products. 
  15. 1995: 25,00,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.
  16. 1996: Two new lines of extension namely Jumbo pack of Pulmicort & Bricanyl Inhalers 400 metered doses were introduced in the respiratory group. 
  17. 1997: A range of new products viz Xylocaine Spray in the pain control segment, Stop-it in the Anti-infective segment.
  18. A joint venture between the US $ 7-billion Swedish pharmaceutical major Astra AB and IDL Industries of the Hindujas.
  19. 1998: Wipro, Honda Siel Power Products, and Astra-IDL have been conferred the Analyst Awards by The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI).
  20. 1999: Even as the Hindujas continue to seek new alignments to replace multinational AstraZeneca in their joint venture Astra IDL Ltd.
  21. 2000: UB's 100 percent subsidiary, UB Bioteck has tied up with Astra IDL Ltd to market its newly-patented anti-obesity nutraceutical.
  22. Mr. D.E. Udwadia, the Director, has been appointed as the Chairman.
  23. 2001: Crisil has placed the `FAA' rating on the fixed deposit program of the company on a rating watch with positive implications.
  24. The Company upon the acquisition Astra Sweden now holds 51.50 percent of the company's issued and paid-up equity shares capital. 
  25. The company is a subsidiary of Astra Sweden and has become a part of the worldwide AstraZeneca Group.
  26. The Managing Director Mr. A.R. Hegde, has resigned from the company.
  27.  Astra IDL Ltd renamed AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd  
  28. 2002: Ties up with Avestha for research on discovering drugs for tuberculosis.
  29. Makes an open offer to acquire the balance of 21,75,050 equity shares of AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd representing a 43% stake.
  30. Government FDI proposal for the company and Tata Home finance from 56.69% to 100% accounting for Rs.82 Crs.
  31. Astra Pharma acquires 32800 equity shares of AstraZeneca.
  32. 2003: Astra Pharma and AstraZeneca jointly acquire less than 4% additional equity Astrazeneca Pharma India Ltd.
  33. Sir Tom McKillop inaugurates R & D center in Bangalore for $40 million.
  34. Approaches the Union government for Exclusive Marketing rights for new generation anti-cancer drugs.
  35. 2006: AstraZeneca acquires Eli Lilly's Vancocin brand company has split its face value of shares from Rs 10 
  36. 2007: AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd has appointed Mr. Ruud Dobber as director of the company.
  37. 2010: AstraZeneca Pharma and biopharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb launched their 9-month old diabetes drug Onglyza in India. Onglyza, or saxagliptin, is used to treat two types of diabetes in adults. 
  38. 2011: AstraZeneca Halts Late-stage trial of Prostate Cancer Medicine Zibotentan
  39. 2012: AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Awards 2011
  40. AstraZeneca launches its patented life-saving heart drug BRILINTA (Ticagrelor) in India
  41. 2013: AstraZeneca to acquire Bristol Myers Squibb's share of global diabetes alliance assets.
  42. 2014: AstraZeneca and Bristol Myers Squibb Company announced the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved FARXIGA™ (dapagliflozin).
  43. AstraZeneca and MRC enter strategic collaboration to create a new center for early drug discovery in Cambridge, UK.
  44. AstraZeneca opens new manufacturing facility to support continued growth in Russia


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