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Balkrishna Industries Limited or BALKRISIND

The Balkrishna Industries is a holding company of Balkrishna Tires, and Balkrishna Paper Mills and the Balkrishna Synthetic, which was incorporated on November 20, 1961. It is also a part of the Siyaram Poddar group, which has a turnover of about USD 250 million and operates in four different business segments such as Paper Boards, Tyres, Textile Processing, and Wind Power. Paper Boards segment manufactures coated and uncoated paper boards with a wide range for both diversified and non–traditional applications. The textile processing section also processes textile fabrics, and its registered office is located at the Boisar, Maharashtra. The company operates mainly in the business sections of the tires. It has its prime focus on the production of a range of off-highway tires that also includes various sectors such as industry, agricultural, material handling, forestry, lawn and garden, construction as well as earth moving tires. And over 95% of the tire production is being exported under the BKT brand, with the main export markets in countries such as North America, Western Europe, and Australia which includes the original equipment manufacturers. And in the domestic market, the company supplies all the major construction equipment manufacturers with a presence in the replacement market specifically for the road construction sector.

The Subsidiaries:–

  • Balkrishna Paper Mills
  • Balkrishna Synthetics
  • Balkrishna Tires
  • BKT EUROPE s. r. l
  • BKT (Europe)
The coated duplex and the triplex paper boards as well as conducts the processing of the synthetic fabric business which has been transferred to its wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Balkrishna Paper Mills and the Balkrishna Synthetics respectively.

The Milestones:

  1. 2011: Work Commenced at 4th Plant; a Greenfield project. '
  2. 2010: Balkrishna Industries Ltd Introduced Radial Harvester tires sub-branded as AGRIMAX TERIS
  • Balkrishna Industries Ltd Radial extra-large tires are sub-branded as the AGRI MAX FORTIS.
  • The Balkrishna Industries Ltd Introduced Steel belted Forestry tires sub-branded as FORSTECH also introduced steel belted ROADMAX range of tires.
  1. 2008: The BKT launched Earthmax Tyre.
  2. 2007: 65 series, 90 series Row Crop Tyres
  3. 2006: Launch of:
  • Flotation Radial Tyres, Chopanki Factory (Green Field Project)
  • Italy office set–up.
  1. 2005: Launch of 70 series Tractor Radial Tyres.
  1. 2003:
  • The Production of ATV, Lawn & Garden & Earthmover Tyres.
  • The Launch of Tractor Radial Tyres (85 series) and UK office set–up.
  1. 2002: The Company established Bhiwadi Factory (Northern India).
  2. 2001: Production of Flotation & MPR Tyres.

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