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In 1958, the company was being incorporated and was converted into a public limited company as of 28th December 1996. It manufactures and deals in insecticides, fungicides, Weedicides and the other chemicals for domestic and public health products, plant protection purposes, rubber chemicals, and various pharmaceuticals.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 1963: The company name was changed from Bayer Agrochem Pvt. Ltd. to Bayer (India), Ltd.
  • 1964: The shares subdivided and allotted 1, 46,160 shares to Farben Fabriken Bayer A.G. and 58,570 shares to directors, and more.
  • 1967: 35,000 right shares were issued at par (prop. 2:15).
  • 1968: 4,335 shares were issued to the foreign collaborators.
  • 1972: About 60,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:5.
  • 1975: 32,250 right shares were issued (prem. Rs 100 per share; prop. 1:10.
  • 1977: 3, 92,250 bonus shares were issued in prop. 1:1.
  • 1978: 26,500 shares were issued (prem. INR 100 per share), and 9,000 shares to employees & 17,500 shares to UTI.
  • 1986: The Letter of Intent that was received earlier for the manufacture of cypermethrin being equivalent to 20 tonnes of 100% technical material being converted into an industrial license.
  • 1987: About 8, 11,000 Bonus shares were issued in proportion 1:1.
  • 1994: The health care division launched new products such as Baycort (an antifungal ointment), and Austin, which is a mosquito repellant lotion, and Racumin, which is a new generation rodenticide and Diphyl, which is a heat transfer fluid was launched in the market.
  • 1997:
  • Several new products launched were Kelthane, which is an acaricide used for controlling of mites, and Goal a weedicide & Karathane a fungicide used for the control of powdery mildew.
  • Bayer Industries Ltd, which is the 100% Indian subsidiary of German giant Bayer AG, and hikes its open offer price for the acquisition of shares in the ABS Industries Ltd.
  • It had also entered into a separate agreement with its distributors as well as stockists as far as discounts are being concerned.
  • 1998:
  • Also, Bayer India launched Glucobay, which is an oral anti-diabetic and research product of its German parent Bayer AG.
  • It also launched Baygon Genius Liquid vaporizer in the northern and western markets.
  • 1999:
  • Also, Bayer India plans to merge its 100% subsidiary Jagat Chemicals with itself.
  • Also, it introduced two products, Gaucho 70 WS and Confidor 200SL, and cotton farmers also received the cotton seed treated with Gaucho.
  • Also, Bayer India is a 51% subsidiary of the Germany-based Bayer AG.
  • Also, it participated for the first time in an international competitive bid for the malaria control project being aided by the World Bank.
  • 2000:
  • It introduced Baygon Cockroach Specialist and Baygon Mosquito Specialist - the two specialist aerosol sprays in the Indian markets.
  • The drug major Wockhardt Ltd as well as German chemicals and drugs group Bayer AG, signed a marketing pact for a Bayer drug.
  • 2002:
  • Mehernosh Homi Kapadia was appointed as the compliance officer.
  • SEBI approved BSC's open offer of INR 157 per share of Aventis Cropscience India.
  • 2003:
  • The Ministry approved Bayer's proposal to convert Aventis into a 100% subsidiary.
  • It approved for the Scheme of amalgamation of Bayer Cropscience India Ltd with the company.
  • It approves for the formation of a 100% subsidiary and the transfer of the non-CropScience business of the company to such subsidiaries.
  • It was renamed as Bayer CropScience Ltd. This decision is according to the merger of Bayer (India) Ltd and Bayer CropScience India in 2003.
  • 2009: It recommended a dividend of INR 2.80 per share.
  • 2010: It recommended a dividend of INR 4 per share.
  • 2012:
  • Also, the board recommended a dividend of INR 4.2/- per share.
  • Rajiv Wani was appointed as the Company Secretary and the Compliance Officer.
  • 2015:
  • Also, 100 young leaders developed ideas on global food challenges.
  • It undertakes CSR project to promote Sanitation & Hygiene.
  • It won two awards at Plasticon 2015.
  • Also, Bayer MaterialScience made an impression at PlastIndia 2015.
  • 2016: It inaugurates a Global Formulation Technology Lab located at Vapi.
  • 2017:
  • It introduced an "A for Arize®" the education awareness campaign.
  • It also won the ‘Best Employer in India 2017’ Award.
  • Both ICAR & Bayer partner cotton farmers for effective whitefly management.
  • It launched hybrid chilli seed ‘Indu’ in AP & Telangana.

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