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Bharat Electronics Limited or BEL

The company Bharat Electronics Limited or BEL was being set up at Bangalore by the authority of Government of India under the Ministry of Defense in 1954 with the purpose to meet the specific electronic needs of the Indian defense services. And over the years it has grown & enhanced into a multi-product, and multi-technology, and the multi-unit company which is serving the needs of customers in diverse fields in both India and overseas. Now, the BEL is among an elite group of public sector undertakings which have been conferred by the Navratna status by the Government of India. Also, both the growth and diversification of the company over the years mirror the advancements in electronics technology, and BEL has kept continuous pace with it. The company registered INR 5,561.03 crore turnover for the year 2010–11. It has also received the SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) Meritorious Award for Corporate Governance for the year 2009–10. Also in 1996, it achieved the turnover of approximately INR 1,000 crore, and in 1997, GE BEL, a joint venture company with GE and the USA was formed. In 1998, the BEL set up its second overseas office in Singapore for sourcing components from various parts of South East Asia. Then in the year 2000, the Bangalore unit had grown very large and was being reorganized into Strategic Business Units (SBUs). So, there are approximately seven SBUs in the Bangalore unit, and in the same year, the BEL's shares were listed on the NSE. Later in 2002, the BEL became the first defense PSU to get an operational Mini Ratna Category I status, and along with that in June 2007, BEL was also conferred as the prestigious Navratna status based on its consistent & continuous performance. Lastly, in 2008–09, BEL had recorded a turnover of INR 4624 crores. Soon the company entered the joint venture agreement with the Multitone, and UK to offer the most comprehensive on-site product ranges which can be from small, and easy to use pagers to practical, and also durable private mobile radios with the latest technology, and digital wireless communication system.

Subsidiaries Details:

BEL Optronic Devices is the subsidiary company that was established to conduct the research & development, and also manufacture of the image intensifier tubes and its associated high voltage power supply units for the use in military, security and other commercial systems. It is located in Bhosari Industrial Area, in Pune. It also owns another subsidiary with the name of Belop Financials.

Joint Ventures:

The GEBE was set up in 1997 as a joint venture between Bharat Electronics Limited and the General Electric Medical System. It is based at the Whitefield, Bangalore, India. It manufactures the X-ray tubes for RAD & F and CT systems, along with the components such as High Voltage Tanks and the detector modules for the CT system. All these products are being exported worldwide, and they safely meet all the regulatory standards which are specified by the FDA, CE, MHW, AERB, and the facility has also been accredited with ISO–9001; ISO–13485 and ISO–14001 certifications. It also markets the conventional X-ray tubes made at the Pune Unit of BEL in India.

BEL – Multitone:

It offers state of the art as the Mobile Communication Products for the workplace. The Multitone also invented paging in 1956 after it developed the world's first system, which served the "life or death" environment in St. Thomas Hospital, London. And with the strength of Bharat Electronics in the Radio Communications field with the technology of Multitone in the area of Radio Paging, as it is the joint venture company is in a position to offer tailor-made solutions to the Mobile Communication needs at the workplaces in different marketing segments. The joint venture offers the most comprehensive on-site product ranges from small, and easy to use pagers to practical, and durable private Mobile Radios with the latest technology, and digital wireless communication systems.

Some of the details of the products:

  1. You can access 700 one–way speech paging system which supports 100 pagers.
  2. You can access the 1000/3000 Radio Paging system which supports 1500/5000 users.
  3. Computer Radio Integration units.
  4. Digital Cordless Communication System


  1. Defense – Under this, BEL offers products for communication, radars, naval systems, optoelectronics, Electronic Warfare systems, weapon system, tank electronics, and simulators.
  2. Non-defense – The company offers products in the area of the switching equipment, and TV and broadcast, and DTH & telecom, and simputer, and electronic voting machines, and electronic components.
  3. System/Turnkey Solutions – It also offers C4I solutions, including SATCOM Networks and VTMS.
  4. Services – It also offers a range of services such as contract manufacturing, design & manufacturing services, software development, semiconductor device packaging, and the quality assurance facilities.

Potential Consumers:

Its potential consumers are in an area of Indian Defense Services, Paramilitary forces, and Radars & Sonars Indian Defense Services, Meteorological Department, Civil Aviation, Space Department, Power Sector, Telecommunication Department, Oil Industry, Railways, Doordarshan, All India Radio, Police, State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings and many more.


The BEL exports its products in many countries such as Indonesia, Switzerland, Egypt, Botswana, Surinam, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, South Africa, UAE, Uganda, Turkey, Azerbaijan, UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Belgium, Italy, France, Malawi and Mauritius.

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