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Bharat Forge Limited or BHARATFORG

Bharat Forge Limited or BFL is the Pune based Indian MNC which is a technology-driven global leader in the metal forming having a transcontinental presence across a dozen of the manufacturing locations. It serves various sectors which include automobile, power, oil and gas, rail & marine, aerospace, construction & mining, and so much more. The Part of Kalyani Group which is a $ 2.5 billion conglomerate with 10,000 global workforces. It has the largest repository of metallurgical knowledge in the region, and it also offers a complete service supply capability among its geographically dispersed marquee customers from the concept of product designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing, as well as the validation or testing. With manufacturing facilities spread across India and Europe, US & China, and it also manufactures a wide range of the safety and critical components for the automotive & non–automotive sector. It is the country which is the largest manufacturer and exporter of automotive parts and leading chassis component manufacturers. BFL customer base includes virtually every global automotive OEM and Tier 1 supplier. It holds the distinction of being the very first Indian automotive component manufacturing Company that made a significant breakthrough in China in the year 2003 by securing large business from the First and Second Automotive Works which are the two leading automobile manufacturers in that country.

The Business of Company:

  1. Automotive:

It is the flagship company worth $2.5 billion of the Kalyani Group, which is a leading global 'Full-Service Supplier' of the forged as well as machined engine & its chassis components. It also one of the largest exporter of auto components from India and the leading chassis component manufacturer in the world. And since the commencement of the operations in 1966, the BFL has achieved several milestones which have made it a global forging conglomerate with manufacturing facilities in countries like India, USA, Germany, Sweden, and China as well. Its manufacturers also provide a wide range of highly engineered critical but safety components for both Engine and Chassis applications useful in the automotive industries. Currently, it is among the few global automotive component manufacturers with the capability to offer first line design and engineering, and dual shore manufacturing capability and full-service supply capability.

  1. Non–Automotive:

It has achieved its objective of creating a strong global leadership position in the world of the automotive sector for both safety & critical engine & the chassis components. The company is strategically expanding its horizon into the high value, and top growth sectors such as Power, Oil & Gas, Rail & Marine, Construction & Mining, and Aerospace as well.

Company Products:

It manufactures the specialized components for several sectors such as aerospace, power, energy, oil & gas, rail & marine, mining & construction equipment, and various other industries. It is also capable of producing complex large volume parts in both steel & aluminum.

  • Closed Die Forging
  • Open Die Forging


  1. 2011: The Bharat Forge received the Golden Peacock Award for Best HR Practices – 2011
  • The Baba Kalyani also received the highest French civilian award
  • The Bharat Forge receives India Shining Star CSR Award
  • Chairman, B N Kalyani honored with the Udyog Ratna Award for 2010–11.
  1. 2010: The Baba Kalyani was decorated with commander first class of the royal order of the polar star
  • The Bharat Forge receives National Award for Best HR Practices –2009.

The Milestones:

  • The Bharat Forge signed an MOU with the NTPC.
  • The Alstom and Bharat Forge form a JV in India to manufacture state–of–the–art supercritical power plant equipment.
  1. 2009 – An inauguration of the Heavy Duty Crankshaft Forging & Machining Facility at the Baramati.
  • The Ground Breaking & Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the Alstom Bharat Forge JV manufacturing facility at Mundra.
  1. 2010 – An inauguration of the Ring Rolling facility at the Baramati.
  • The Ground Breaking & Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the Bharat Forge – NTPC Energy Systems Ltd and the manufacturing facility at Solapur.
  • The establishment of the Kalyani Centre for both Technology & Innovation.

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