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Stock Analysis Summary: BPCL

BPCL Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2019-07-19 351.30 353.40 346.70 349.40 351.00 3,602,823 47%
2019-07-18 354.00 355.35 347.85 349.70 349.25 4,516,450 48%
2019-07-17 359.00 359.00 350.40 352.80 352.80 4,830,701 48%
2019-07-16 349.00 356.30 348.60 355.00 354.45 5,296,609 46%
2019-07-15 346.20 348.30 342.70 347.20 347.40 3,150,558 40%
2019-07-12 352.75 354.80 345.00 345.60 345.75 4,541,847 47%
2019-07-11 348.90 355.50 347.00 350.80 350.55 6,138,839 46%
*Markets are currently closed.

BPCL breached the lows of past 3 days - 342 to act as intraday support.
No visible trend on daily charts
In the medium term the prices have been in Downtrend.

BPCL is trading near the middle of the day's range. Lower High and Lower Low compared to previous day. But the closing has been positive.
Day's Range: 346.70 ~ 353.40
BPCL opened at 351.30 compared to previous close of 349.25

1 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is similar to a Doji Candle.
2 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is Bullish Harami indicates loss of momentum and increases the probability of Technical bounce or trend reversal.
3 candlestick pattern: none

BPCL day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2018-11-14 312.85~304.60 to act as support.
BPCL day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2018-11-09 290.30~289.95 to act as support.
BPCL day chart has unfilled gap down on 2017-07-13: 465.75~678.25 to act as resistance.

Classic Pivot

S4 330.27
S3 336.97
S2 343.67
S1 347.33
LTP = 349.4
Pivot 350.37
R1 354.03
R2 357.07
R3 363.77
R4 370.47

Woodie's Pivot

S4 334.55
S3 341.25
S2 343.98
S1 347.95
LTP = 349.4
Pivot 350.68
R1 354.65
R2 357.38
R3 361.35
R4 368.05

Fibonacci Pivots

S3 343.67
S2 346.22
S1 347.81
LTP = 349.4
Pivot 350.37
R1 352.93
R2 354.51
R3 357.07

Camarilla Pivots

S4 347.32
S3 349.16
LTP = 349.4
S2 349.77
S1 350.39
R1 351.61
R2 352.23
R3 352.84
R4 354.69

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2019-07-19

Day's Range (.)

20 Day Range (.)

50 Day Range (.)

52-Week Range (.)

20-Day SMA: 367.9

20-Day average volume: 4,674,207

BPCL has average daily volume of 4,674,207 compared to today's volume of 3,603,000. It is currently trading Below 20 day simple moving average.

Intraday Bearish!!!

50-Day SMA: 379.3
50-Day average volume: 5,836,874

Short Term Trend is Down!!!

It is currently trading about 17% below it's 52-week high.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited or BPCL

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) was established in 1952. It is one of the leading companies in the petroleum sector in India, and it saw vast industrial development in 1860. There were also a lot of petroleum refineries who came up. An essential player in the South Asian market then was the Burmah Oil Company which was.. incorporated in Scotland in the year 1886, soon the company grew and flourished out of the enterprises of the Rangoon Oil Company, which was formed in 1871 to refine the crude oil which was produced from the first hand-dug wells in Upper Burma. Soon, the search for oil in India began in 1886 when Mr. Goodenough of McKillop Stewart Company drilled a particular well near Jaypore in the region of upper Assam and found oil. Later in 1889, the Assam Railway and Trading Company (ARTC) struck oil at the Digboi marking, the beginning of oil production in India. As on 24th January 1976, the Burmah Shell Group of Companies was taken over by the Indian Government to form Bharat Refineries Limited. And as on 1st August 1977, it was renamed as Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and also became the first refinery to process newly found domestic crude or Bombay High in the country.

Some of the Business area:

  • The company is into the exploration, production, and retailing of petroleum and petrol related products. The retail business unit of BPCL is into the marketing of petrol, diesel, and kerosene. It has a network of about 6553 retail outlets and other 1007 kerosene dealers, and they are also partnered with big food chain companies such as McDonald, Pizza Hut, Cafe Coffee Day, Subway, Nirulas, and many more.
  • It also offers a full range of automotive engines, and gear oils, and transmission oils, and specialty oils, and greases and also it caters around 8000 industrial customers across India. It also provides Aviation Turbine fuel (ATF) to its airline customers.
  • Its LPG business unit Bharatgas has a presence in about 25 million households with approximately 2137 LPG distributors spread across the whole India.
  • It has two refineries which are located at Mumbai and Kochi with a capacity of about 12 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum and also (MMTPA) and 7.5 MMTPA for the refining crude oil. Its subsidiary at Numaligarh has the capability of 3 MMTPA.
  • It is one of the suppliers of naphtha in Andhra Pradesh that has been committed to AP Transco to supply a sufficient amount of quantities of naphtha for the operation of its four power stations.
  • The company has also launched a GPS technology for tracking vehicles for its 5,200 tanker trucks fleet. This system will help the company follow the trucks for better logistic efficiency. And it will also result in the prevention of pilferages and fuel contamination.

The Milestones:

  1. The BPCL won PetroFed Oil & Gas Marketing Company of the Year Award for the year 2006–07. This Award is given as a recognition for the increase in volumes of the products marketed.
  2. The BPCL won the Excellent Water Efficient Unit Award –Beyond the Fence at the National Awards for Excellence in Water Management in the year 2007.
  3. It was ranked 287th position during 2007–08 in the Fortune Global 500 list.
  4. The BPCL's Mumbai Refinery won the Smart Workplace Award 2008 under the industrial manufacturing category which is given by the Economic Times in association with IT majors, and Acer and Intel.
  5. It has secured 271 st ranking during 2010–11 in the prestigious list of Fortune Global 500 as compared to the 309 th ranking or position during last year.
  6. The BPCL Kochi Refinery has bagged the Excellence Award for the Pollution Control among extensive industries in Kerala on 5th June 2011.

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