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It was being incorporated on 20th October, at Mumbai. It also manufactures rayon yarn, textile fabrics, caustic soda, tyrecord, and allied chemicals, cement, salt, rayon grade wood pulp, and printing and writing a paper. It also carries on with the shipping business. Its textile mills are being equipped to do dyeing, bleaching, printing, organizing, pre-shrinking, block-printing, embossing, and amiline dyeing. In 1960, it also signed a technical collaboration and also a know-how agreement, along with Alemene, and Kunstzigde Unie N.V. of Holland and Verinigts Glazstoff-Fabriken AG of Germany for setting up a super two tyre yarn as well as a cord plant with capacity of about 6 1/4 tonnes per day. Soon after, it obtained a license for a rayon grade caustic soda plant of the capacity of 30 tonnes. Also, in 1988, Rajasthan State Govt. granted the license for the establishment for the Thermal power station with a capacity of about 400-500 MWs. Several directions were being issued to Rajasthan State Electricity Board for entering into such an agreement with the Company for the purchase of the total energy supplied by it. And in 1989, the company had major additions for the machinery in the Textile Mills division that included 9 Ruti-C wider width looms, 52 Air jet looms, 52 ring frames and also one auto coner winding machine. Also, some vital steps were being taken for expansion of the Cement plant with capacity from 8 lakh tonnes to 10 lakh tonnes via technological up-gradation, modernization and by also adding balancing equipment in several sections of the unit and by installing a pre-calcinator to enhance clinker production. It also stepped into the branded apparel by leveraging on its brand name 'Century,' and CTIL, which is an outfit of B K Birla group has forayed into the fast-expanding branded ready-to-wear segment. It also posted a net loss of INR 44 million in the quarter ended as compared to a net profit of INR 88.1 million. Also, Mr. Raghu Palat has been appointed as UTI Nominee on the Board of century textiles in place of Shri A P Kurian. It also decided to diversify into value-added readymade garments and accessories under the brand name of 'Cotton by Century.' And it also decided to refocus on the domestic market and also to reduce its exposure in the foreign markets due to the recession in the foreign market. In 2005, it also agreed to the sale of remaining Ship and it was also all set to acquire land for cement plant. In 2007, it clarified several news items. In 2008, Mr. R K Dalmia, the President of Century Textiles, which is a division of Century Textiles & Industries Ltd., was being elected as Chairman of Committee of the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (or CITI).

Some of the Milestones:

  • 2013:
  • Century Textiles - Order passed by the Competition Appellate Tribunal (or COMPAT).
  • 2017:
  • Sterlite Tech won WBA Industry Award 2017 for the Best Connected City Deployment in Gandhinagar.
  • It won the CII-ITC Sustainability Award in 2017 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • It won the Jury Commendation Award at the 16th FICCI CSR Awards for large-scale impact in water management.
  • It was also recognized as VISIONARY in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the second consecutive year.
  • It also leads the Transformation to 5G; and Introduced Ready Smarter Network Technology at IMC in 2017.
  • It won the Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance.
  • It strengthens the Global Leadership Team.
  • It brings all new smarter network offerings to ANGA COM.
  • It’s Optical Communication Products Now Qualified with Europe’s CPR.
  • It also brings end-to-end Smarter Telecom Solutions to MWC.
  • It won Aegis Graham Bell Award for the ‘Innovation in Telecom Infra.’

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