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In 1949, the company, Tube Investments of India (or TIL) was being incorporated, and it is also a flagship company of the US $2.4 billion Murugappa Group. The Company is also engaged in the manufacturing of precision steel tubes and strips, car doorframes, automotive and industrial chains, and bicycles. It is the market leader in several products and also commands 61% of market share in precision tubes, and 57% market share in roll-formed car doorframes, and 35% market share in the automotive chain, and the 30% market share in the bicycle sector. It has about 13 manufacturing/assembly units that are spread across the country. Also, it has an interest in the services sector via through its investments in Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company and Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company The manufacturing units of the company have also received several certifications in the quality system, namely ISO–TS 16949, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS18001–2007.

Some of the Products:

Cycles– It is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in India, and the company markets its product under the brand name, Hercules, BSA (or Birmingham Small Arms) and Philips cycles. Also, its manufacturing units are being situated in Nashik, Chennai, and Noida. Tubes– It is a leader in precision Welded ERW and CDW steel tubes in the Indian Market and also manufactures a broad spectrum of CRCA (cold rolled closed annealed) strips, rear axle tubes, side-impact beams, tie rods and the drag links. Also, their manufacturing units are being located in Chennai (Avadi, Ambature), Mohali, Shirwal, and Suzhou China. TIDC– It is one of India's leading manufacturers of power transmission chains for the sectors such as industrial, automotive, and agricultural. Metal Forming– It is mostly engaged in the manufacturing of Car doorframes, window channels, SS Rail, impact beams, frames for a starter motor, and chassis channels. Also, it has a manufacturing unit located in Chennai (both Thiruninrravur and Kakalur), Bawal, Halol, and Pune. Also, the company will soon supply the door frames to Tata Motors' small car Nano.

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