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Container Corporation of India Limited or CONCOR

The Container Corporation of India, which is also popularly known as CONCOR, was incorporated in 1988. Also, the Company is engaged in the business of transportation via containerization. And over the years, CONCOR has also diversified into several container logistics activities such as Air cargo Complex, Container port, Air Freight Station, Warehousing, Logistics Park, Supply chain management, and many more. Currently, CONCOR undoubtedly is the market leader who has been the largest network of 61 ICDs and CFSs in India. Besides offering inland transport by the rail for containers, the Company also provides services such as cover management of the Ports, and air cargo complexes, and also establishing the cold–chain. For both International and Domestic containerization and trade in India, the Company has built–up multimodal logistics support. The Company has sixteen offices or terminals which have received ISO–9001:2000 Certification for its quality management.
  1. Business Carrier:
Under this category, the Majority of CONCOR terminals are rail linked, in which 94 % of its inland transport is conducted via the Indian Railways network. And due to its close collaboration with the Indian Railways, the Company gets wagons and other operational support. This rail–linked terminals offers the company price–competitive advantage. As it provides road services in the form of additional services to ensure the door-to-door linkages are having carried the bulk of long lead in the way of rail.
  1. Terminal and Container Freight Station (CFS) Operator:
Under this category, the Company started its operations in November 1989 with 7 Inland Container Depots (ICDs). And currently, the Company operates via 58 terminals, in which 48 are export-import container depots, and the other 9 are exclusive domestic container depots; and around 31 terminals execute the combined role of both the local and international terminals. Under this section, it provides facilities such as transit warehousing for both import and export cargo, and less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation, and reworking of LCL cargo at nominated hubs, and Air cargo clearance using the bonded trucking and Bonded warehousing, and enabling the importers to store cargo and take partial deliveries, thereby deferring the duty payment.

The Company's Core business:

CONCOR's core business is characterized by the three distinct activities, that of a carrier, and a terminal operator, and a warehouse operator.

Some Awards:

  1. The Company received the coveted MOU excellence awards for four consecutive years, i.e., 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07 and 2007–08 and has a place among the top ten CPSES.
  2. It has been awarded as the top Indian Company in the shipping and logistics sector for the dun and Bradstreet–American express corporate awards, 2007& 2008 simultaneously.
  3. It has received an organizational excellence award from Amity International for the year 2007.
  4. It has been awarded for its project titled "Web-Based Integrated Container or terminal Management System" which has been adjudged by the AFACT or Asia Pacific council for trade facilitation and electronic business as a winner for the e–Asia 2009 award for the category "electronic business in the public sector."
  5. 2012– The CONCOR has been awarded 'IT Innovation & Excellence Award 2012' by knowledge resource development and welfare Group on 28/12/2012 for excellence in the application in MIS in Industry. '
  6. 2013– The CONCOR has been awarded 'Scope Meritorious Award for corporate social responsibility & responsiveness' for the year 2011–12. CMD, CONCOR received this award from the honorable president of India as on 26/04/2013.

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