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City Union Bank or CUB

The City Union Bank was incorporated on 31st October 1904 as 'The Kumbakonam Bank.' In the beginning, the bank preferred the role of a regional bank, but slowly, it built a place for itself in the Delta District, Thanjavur. Then, the company set up its first branch at Mannargud on 24th January 1930. After this, the company started to set up a series of branches at various locations such as Nagapattinam, Sannanallur, Ayyampet, Tirukattupalli, Tiruvarur, Manapparai, Mayuram, and Porayar within 25 years. In 1957, the Bank also took over the assets and liabilities of the Common Wealth Bank. Due to these five Branches of Common Wealth Bank that were located at Aduthurai, Kodavasal, Valangaiman, Jayankondacholopuram, and Ariyalur were being transferred to the City Union Bank. In April 1965, the two banks namely 'The City Forward Bank' and 'The Union Bank' were being amalgamated, and the bank name was changed to 'The Kumbakonam City Union Bank.' Then in November 1965, CUBL set up its first branch at Madras. Due to this, six more branches were added to the existing one. In December 1987, the Bank name was being changed to the present one. Currently, the Bank has a network of about 196 Branches spread across the entire country.

Some of the Products and Services:

  • Personal Banking– Under this criteria, the bank offers a spectrum of products and services such as saving accounts, deposit schemes, home loans, education loans, debit cards, and much more.
  • NRI banking– Under this criteria, the bank offers both products and services such as deposits, remittance, and other services such as providing PAN assistance and locker services.

Some of the Awards:

  • 2012:
  • The Bank received the Best Mid-sized Bank on both Profitability and Efficiency – Business Today Survey 2012.
  • The Bank also received Industrial Economist Excellence Award –2012.

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