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It is among the topmost cement companies in India and also the first cement manufacturing company in India to set up an R&D lab for concrete. It was founded in 1939 and has always achieved customer delight by constantly enhancing and manufacturing the best quality cement products. It also expanded horizons of its leading cement products (such as Dalmia Ordinary Portland Cement - OPC 43 & 54 Grade and Dalmia Pozzolana Portland Cement - PPC) to cater to the South, East, and North East parts of India. It also manufactures and sells clinker and cement products and provides Portland slag cement, Portland pozzolana cement, and Portland composite cement. It also offers refractory products; sugar products; and management consultancy services. Besides, it generates power via operating alternative fuels, biomass-based fuels, and waste heat. It operates in India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and overseas. It was also formerly known as Odisha Cement Limited, and then it changed its name to Dalmia Bharat Limited in April 2019. It was incorporated in 2013 and is based in New Delhi, India.

Some Business Divisions of the Company:

  1. Sugar: It was being made in mid-Nineties, and the first unit of 2500 TCD was set up at Village Ramgarh in Sitapur district of U.P. in 1994. During 2006-07, it also embarked on a major growth path by setting up two Greenfield plants located at Jawaharpur (Dist. Sitapur, U.P.) and Nigohi (Dist. Shahjahanpur, U.P.) and also expanding existing facilities at Ramgarh unit. Currently, the total cane crushing capacity is about 22500 TCD that makes us one of the leading sugar producers nationwide.
  2. Power: It started with the need to meet the power needs of our cement and sugar plants reliably and cost-effectively. Also, it developed captive power projects with a total generating capacity of 151 MW, that is supplying power to the cement and sugar plants, and also exporting to the State Grid. It has also developed a wind power project of about 17 MW capacity in the state of Tamil Nadu. It aims at creating a sizeable asset portfolio in both conventional as well as renewable power generation. Also, both Dalmia Power Limited and Dalmia Solar Power Limited were formed to undertake the development of thermal and solar power generating projects, respectively.
  3. Cement: It believes that the world of construction is rapidly changing and the company tends to be at the forefront of this change. So, as the world's greenest cement company, globally leads to reducing the environmental impact from cement production. And as a global leader in technology, the company also offers the same quality and expertise for building purposes.

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