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It is specifically a part of the Essel Group that is India first (D2H) direct to home entertainment service. Also, it provides about 225 channels, the highest in numbers in this section. It also provides interactive TV, games, Movies on Demand, and more. Dish TV is also one of the market leaders in Direct to home (or DTH) service that also has a pan-India presence. And by digitalizing the Indian entertainment, the company has brought the best television viewing technology for its customers. It transmits not only high-quality programs via satellite, but it also gives entire control of making a selection regarding channels and paying for them. Also, Dish TV has been imparted from the DVD quality picture and stereophonic sound effects to the customers. Also, the company promises to change the TV viewing experience with its uninterrupted transmission service. Also, the endeavor has entered the next level of entertainment, along with the futuristic features, such as EPG (or Electronic Programme Guide), games, parental lock, 400 channels, interactive TV, and movies on demand. It also brings some of the exclusive both national and international channels for the first time in India. The Company has three subsidiaries, such as Integrated Subscriber Management Services (or ISMSL), Agrani Satellite Services (or ASSL) and Agrani Convergence (or ACL). Also in May 2010, it started the High Definition (HD) Service - Dish Tru HD on its platform. And in December 2010, the company expanded its channel capacity by about 50% to 648 MHz from earlier 432 MHz via entering into a long-term contract for the additional transponders on Asiasat with Antriksh. Then in Feb 2011, Dish TV, the pioneers as well as market leaders in the Indian DTH market, became Asia's first DTH company to acquire more than 10 million subscribers. In March 2011, it also announced an alliance with the J&K Bank by enabling it to offer all the recharge preference to its subscribers in the Jammu state. In June 2011, the company also announced the addition of three more Telugu channels in its bouquet for all of its Telugu speaking viewers in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the addition of two more Kannada channels in its collection for its Kannada viewers in the Karnataka state. Also, the company added three more Oriya channels in its collection for its viewers in the Orissa state. In July 2011, Dish TV offered digital entertainment for the complete family at cable TV prices. Dish TV offers new packs specifically for South Indian.

Products and Services of the Company:

The Company also offers a spectrum of packages that caters to all the sectors of keeping in mind needs of the several customers such as Dish Freedom Plus, Dish Maxi Plus, Dish Maxi, Dish WelcomeDish FreedomDish Mini, Silver PackChild Packand Dish A La Carte. The company also introduced several new packages for attracting new and more customers such as Mini Pack. It provides various other services such as movies on demand, gaming, astro active, bhakti active, sports active, and other multilingual services. It also provides ICICI active, which is an Interactive banking service providing information about the products and services of ICICI Bank.

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