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Eicher Motors Limited or EICHERMOT

EICHERMOT or Eicher Motors was incorporated in 1982, and it is engaged in the manufacturing of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and engineering components. In the year 1986, the company introduced its first product, named ‘Canter.’ Also, it is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles with manufacturing facilities located in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra.

Some of the Products:

  • Motors – Under this segment, the company manufactures several kinds of commercial vehicles. It is a 50–50 joint venture with the Volvo group, and VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is responsible for designing, manufacturing and then markets reliable & fuel-efficient commercial vehicles. They are of high-quality and modern technology with engineering components and provides several engineering design solutions. It has technical and financial collaboration with the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan that led to the manufacturing of CANTER range of vehicles. The Company manufactures about 20000 vehicles per annum.
  • Motorcycles– Under this segment, the company manufactures bullet motorcycles such as Royal Enfield. It also manufactures six different models that vary from 300cc to 600cc. The manufacturing plant has an installed capacity of approximately 39,000 motorcycles per annum.
  • Engineering Components– Also, the company manufactures a complete spectrum of automotive gears. Such a range of gears also includes Spiral bevels (Crown wheel and pinions), the Straight bevels and Transmission gears.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 1990: The Company, Eicher Goodearth buys about 26% equity stake in the Enfield India Limited.
  • 1991: The ECS was launched, and Eicher took over Ramon & Demm.
  • 1992: Eicher Tractors Ltd. was selected as the ‘Company of the Year’ for 1990-91 in the category of four-wheeler comprising commercial vehicles, passenger cars, jeeps, and tractors.
  • 1993: It adopts a new identifier. Also, it acquires a majority stake in the Enfield India (with 60% equity shareholding).
  • 1994: The Company, Eicher Motors Ltd. ends the technical assistance agreement with the Mitsubishi after the successful transfer of technology and accomplishing total indigenization. Also, the Enfield India Ltd. changed its name to Royal Enfield Motors Limited.
  • 1996: Eicher Tractors Ltd. amalgamated with the Royal Enfield Motors to form the Eicher Limited.
  • 2005: Eicher Motors Ltd. was disinvested in the businesses of tractors and engines to TAFE Motors & Tractors Ltd. or TMTL.
  • 2008: Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Ltd. were established VE Commercial Vehicles Limited or VECV.
  • 2010: Also, the company launched the VE-series of Heavy Duty trucks.

Some of the Achievements:

  • The Company received ISO certification for its quality systems.
  • The Company also received the IES excellence award as recognition of excellence in productivity, quality innovation, and management.
  • The company won an award from the National Productivity Council for the best performance in the production sector.
  • Eicher Motors is a company that manufactures the iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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