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Emami Limited or EMAMILTD

The company is one of the leading and rapidly growing personal and healthcare businesses in India, with an excellent portfolio regarding the household brand names such as BoroPlus, Navratna, Fair and Handsome, Zandu Balm, Mentho Plus Balm and Fast Relief. The company was established in 1974 with a portfolio of about 250 products that are based on the ayurvedic formulations. Its current operations also comprise of more than 61 countries, including GCC, Europe, Africa, CIS countries, and the SAARC. And over 100 Emami products are sold every second somewhere across the whole world. The company also acquired a heritage brand named Zandu, which is based on the tremendous business synergy between the two different brand portfolios. The company manufactures products under several categories such as Hair Care, Skin Creams and Lotions, Talcum Powder, and ayurvedic health care products. Emami has a Research and Development Center that is spread over 20,000 sq. ft. of land and equipped with the state of the art technologies. It has a workforce of highly-qualified and reputed scientists and ayurvedic doctors. The company reaches out to 40 lakh retail outlets via a network of 3000 distributors and also has invested in seven plants, four regional offices, one overseas unit, five overseas subsidiaries and 32 other distribution centers across the country. Emami has also received ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality management.

Business History and Milestones:

Mr. R.S. Goenka and Mr. R.S. Agarwal started medicine and cosmetic manufacturing facility in 1974. The company was set up with a small capital of INR 20,000, but gradually it created brands under the medication and cosmetics section. Such as Emami Talcum, Emami Vanishing Cream, and Emami Cold Cream were some of the most favorable brands with the quality-conscious consumers in the mid-seventies. In the year 1978, Himani became a sick unit, and Mr. Agarwal made up his mind to buy this company. The company also decided to put the use of the sick unit for producing several types of health care items and emollient products based on Ayurvedic preparation. After a decade, the company launched its first flagship brands, Boroplus Antiseptic Cream under Himani. Currently, Boroplus has become one of the largest selling Antiseptic Cream both in India and abroad. It has its presence in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Nepal. Soon, the company started selling products on the pan–India level. In the year 1995, when Kemco Chemicals became a Public Limited Company, then the name was being changed to Emami. Later in 1998, two companies named Emami and Himani merged to form a single company, Emami. In 2005, the company launched India’s first fairness cream for men named Fair and Handsome. Later, the company also decided to venture into the health care division. This specific division created brands such as Navratna, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Fast Relief, and Menthoplus. In 2006, the company J B Marketing & Finance was formerly known as a marketing company of the Emami Group, also merged with Emami. Looking at the potential in Realty business, the company soon ventured into this particular section by forming a subsidiary company, named as Emami Realty in the year 2007. In 2011, Emami acquired the technology of skincare. In 2012, the Brand Equity Most Trusted Brand 2012 ranked Emami power brands such as Zandu balm, Fair and Handsome, Boroplus, and Navratna among the top trustable brands in the country. The company re-launches its Fast Relief Brand in India.

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