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Exide Industries Limited or EXIDEIND

The company was also incorporated in January 1947 as the Associated Battery Makers for purchasing any of the assets of the business. It was regarding manufacturers, buyers and sellers of and dealers in and repairers of both electrical and chemical appliances and goods carried on by the Chloride Electric Storage Company. Then, the company name was changed to Chloride India in 1972 that got changed to Chloride Industries in 1988. Finally, in the year 1995, the name was changed to Exide Industries. The company manufactures the widest range of the storage batteries in the world from 2.5 Ah to 20,400 Ah capacity, as it covers the broadest range of applications. It also has six factories strategically located across the country – 2 in Maharashtra, 1 in West Bengal, 2 in Tamil Nadu and 1 in Haryana. And, constant innovations have also helped the company to produce the world’s largest range of industrial batteries extending from the 2.5 Ah to 15000 Ah and covering various technology configurations.

Some of the Businesses:

  • Automotive Batteries: In India, this particular company markets the products under SF, Exide, Sonic, and the Standard Furukawa brands. It also supplies it to all car and two-wheeler manufacturers. In the international market, it sells products under Dynex, Index & Sonic brands. It has a specific distribution network of about 4000 outlets that are supported by at least 4 regional offices and 28 branch offices. It has also started to exports batteries to the Middle East, Japan, and the other CIS countries.
  • Industrial Batteries: It manufactures industrial batteries with a wide range from 2.5 Ah to 20,600 Ah. In India it sells products under Exide, Index, SF, CEIL and Power Safe brands and in the international market under CEIL, Chloride and Index brands. Industrial batteries cater mostly to the infrastructure sector such as railways, telecom, power plants, solar cells, and other industrial segments, including uninterrupted power supply, inverters, and traction batteries.
  • Submarine Batteries: In this, the company is also engaged in the manufacturing of high–end submarine batteries (Type 1, 2 & 3). It is one of the five companies in the world which can manufacture submarine batteries for Russian and German types. It manufactures two to three submarine batteries a year for India’s defense requirement.


  • Also, to expand the global presence of the specific company, it acquired a 51% stake in the Leadage Alloys India in June 2008.
  • It acquired a 100% stake in Tandon Metals in October 2007 and a 100% stake in Caldyne Automatics in July 2007.
  • It acquired a 61.5% stake in Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon), Sri Lanka by 2004.
  • It has acquired a 100% stake in Chloride Batteries S E Asia Pte, Singapore in 2001.
  • It has also successfully acquired a 51% stake in the UK–based ESPEX Batteries and a 26% shareholding in Ceil Motive Power Pty, Australia.
  • In 2012– 2012:

–Acquisition of the Inverter manufacturing facility at Roorkee, Uttarakhand. –Technical Collaboration with the East Penn Manufacturing Co., USA.

Some of the Awards:

  • Its plant is located at Haldia received Environment Excellence Award– by West Bengal Pollution Control Board & Indian Chamber of Commerce – 2005
  • Exide's Haldia plant was awarded ITC Trophy for the Safety, Health & Environment – by CII – 2007
  • Exide Industries plant at the Hosur in Tamil Nadu received CII–EXIM Bank Award for Strong Commitment to Excel by CII in 2006.
  • Exide Industries was awarded Best SMF Battery Award for three consecutive years –2005–2006–2007.
  • Exide Industries was being honored with the 2010 Market Leadership Award in the Indian Industrial Battery Segment by Frost & Sullivan, the global consultancy major.
  • Exide Industries Limited was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2010 Market Leadership Award in the Industrial Battery Segment– 2010.

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