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GAIL Limited

GAIL (India) established on August 16, 1984, was erstwhile known as the Gas Authority of India Limited. It was incorporated to create gas sector infrastructure for the continued development in the natural gas sector in India. It is India's flagship natural gas company that integrates all the aspects of the natural gas value chain, which also includes the exploration & production, and processing, and transmission, distribution and marketing, and another similar service. The 2800–km Hazira–Vijaipur–Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline already became operational in the year 1991. And during 1991–93, the three LPG plants were constructed, and some regional pipelines were acquired, enabling GAIL to begin its geographical gas distribution across the country. Soon this company began its city gas distribution in Delhi in the year 1997 by setting up approximately nine CNG stations and catering to the city's vast public transport fleet. Then in 1999, GAIL set up only Northern India's petrochemical plant at Pata. It soon became the first Infrastructure Provider Category II Licensee & then signed the country's first Service Level Agreement for leasing the bandwidth in the Delhi–Vijaipur sector in 2001 via its telecom business GAILTEL. And in 2001, the GAIL commissioned the World's longest and India's first cross country LPG Transmission Pipeline from the Jamnagar to Loni. Now, the company has reached its new milestones with its strategic diversification in various categories such as petrochemicals, telecom, and liquid hydrocarbons, and besides them gas infrastructure too. It has sufficiently extended its presence in power, liquefied natural gas regasification, city gas distribution, and exploration & production via equity and joint ventures participations. By incorporating the new–found energy into its corporate identity, the Gas Authority of India was renamed as GAIL (India) Limited as on November 22, 2002. Currently, it is also expanding its business to become a player in the international market. In a rapidly changing scenario, the company is spearheading the move to an entirely new era of the clean fuel industrialization by creating a quadrilateral of the green energy corridors that connects the major consumption centers in India with major gas fields, LNG terminals, and other cross border gas sourcing points.

GAIL's Business Portfolio includes:

  1. 7,847 km of the natural gas high-pressure trunk pipeline with a capacity to carry approximately 148 MMSCMD of natural gas across the country.
  2. 7 LPG gas processing units to produce 1.2 MMTPA of LPG and other liquid hydrocarbons.
  3. It has North India's only gas based integrated petrochemical complex at Pata with a capacity of producing 4, 10,000 TPA of polymers.
  4. 1,922 km of LPG transmission pipeline network with an ability to transport 3.8 MMTPA of LPG.
  5. 27 oil and gas exploration blocks and three coal bed methane blocks.
  6. 13,000 km of OFC network offering highly dependable bandwidth for telecom service providers.
  7. Some of its Joint venture companies are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Agartala and Pune to supply Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to households and commercial users, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to the transport sector.
  8. Participating in the stake in the Dahej LNG Terminal and the upcoming Kochi LNG Terminal in Kerala.
  9. GAIL has been wholly entrusted with the responsibility of reviving the LNG terminal at Dabhol as well as sourcing LNG.
  10. The company has established a presence in the CNG and City Gas sectors in Egypt via equity participation in three Egyptian companies, which are Fayum Gas Company SAE, Shell CNG SAE, and National Gas Company SAE.
  11. The company has a stake in China Gas Holding to explore opportunities in the CNG sector in mainland China.
  12. There is a wholly–owned subsidiary company GAIL Global (Singapore) Pte in Singapore


  1. Achievement of 100% Safety Index @ GPU–BSC, UK duly recognized Gandhar (2010-11). GPU–Gandhar was conferred 'International Safety Award' for the 4th time from
  2. GAIL (India) has been ranked as the no.1 company among all the gas utilities in Asia in the Platts Global Ranking of Energy Companies.
  3. GAIL (India) was conferred 'MOU EXCELLENCE AWARD' by the Department Of Public Enterprises for the year 2008–09 in the petroleum sector.
  4. GAIL (India) was conferred a Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Corporate Governance in the 10th ICSI National Award in Corporate Governance 2010 as one of the Top Companies adopting Excellent Practices in Corporate Governance.
  5. National Award for Excellence in Cost Management 2009 GAIL won the Third Award in the public sector Manufacturing (Large) category
  6. SCOPE Meritorious Award to GAIL (India) Limited for Corporate Governance for the year 2007–08.
  7. India's Most Responsive Customer Company in the Manufacturing sector
  8. Highest Wealth Creator in the Manufacturing industry
  9. Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award as the best performer among the Large Scale Manufacturing Industry
  10. The PetroFed Oil & Gas Pipeline Transportation – Company of the Year for 2007–2008 Award honors the leading performance regarding the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas through pipelines in India during the year.

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