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It came into existence in September by an Act of the Parliament viz., General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1972. Also, the corporation underwrites cattle and poultry insurance. In 1974, it had 4 subsidiaries such as The National Insurance Co., The New India Assurance Co. Ltd., The Oriental Fire & General Insurance Co. Ltd., and also The United India Fire & General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 1976: Also, it redeemed 2, 05,307 pref. Shares during 1976 and 3, 00,000 pref. Shares in 1977.
  • 1978: 3, 00,000 pref. shares were redeemed.
  • 1979: 3, 50,000 pref. shares were redeemed.
  • 1980: 3, 75,000 pref. shares were redeemed.
  • 1981: 3, 75,000 pref. shares were redeemed as on 30th July.
  • 1982: The authorized capital reclassified. And the two calls of INR 20 each per share was made on 5, 00,000 partly paid equity shares. Bonus equity shares in prop. 1:1 were being issued.
  • 1986: 21, 50,000 bonus shares were issued in proportion 1:2.
  • 1988:
  • It devised a new saving linked long term householder’s insurance policy to offer insurance protection for all the household needs in one package.
  • Also, another policy introduced was a Personal Accident Insurance Policy for visitors on bank premises.
  • 1989: It introduced a Marine-Cum-Rejection Insurance Cover with reinsurance support on the export of marine products at an economical rate of the premise from 1st April.
  • 1990:
  • It introduced a new scheme known as Bhavishya Arogya with effect from 1st December.
  • Since 1st January, it also introduced a scheme of Voluntary deductibles for petrochemical risks enabling the insurers to opt for many slabs of deductibles for which appropriate discount in premium is being given.
  • It introduced a revised horticulture/plantation insurance scheme on an experimental basis since 1st April.
  • It introduced the following policies a) Contract Works Insurance Policy, b) Civil Engineering Completed Risk Insurance Policy, c) Marine-cum-erection Insurance Policy, and d) Machinery Insurance Policy.
  • Also, GIC Grih Vitta, Ltd. was being set up to provide long term finance by way of loans for construction/purchase of a house, and flats for residential purposes to individuals from October.
  • Also, the corporation, along with its Indian subsidiary companies introduced a Mutual Fund in the second half of the year.
  • 1991:
  • Since 1st April, the corporation introduced Aquaculture Insurance.
  • GIC-SAFE-1991, as well as GIC RISE-1991, was being launched as on 6th February.
  • Also, the Swift Division was established in April to centralize the foreign inward non-reciprocal acceptance of the Indian General Insurance Industry.
  • Also, a tailor-made insurance program for large industrial clients enabled them to cover their many insurance needs under a single policy document, was finalized by GIC.
  • Also, it proposed to introduce a new mediclaim hospitalization policy.
  • And, 43, 00,000 bonus shares were issued in proportion 3:2.
  • 1993: About 107, 50,000 bonus shares were issued in proportion 1:1.
  • 1994: The overseas Mediclaim Insurance, the corporate frequent traveler's policy was revised from 1st July.
  • 1996: It introduced a Jan Arogya Bima Policy as on 12th August for common people.
  • 2000: Also, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in a move to exert its regulatory power also served notices to four subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation for the "breach of tariff charges" to consumers.
  • 2001: Also, GIC Mutual Fund lined up organizational changes, beginning with the appointment of a new chief executive. Also, the appointment of Mr. Thomas, who was Senior Vice-President at GIC MF, was the latest in a series of top-level changes at the fund.

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