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Godrej Consumer Products Limited or GODREJCP

GCPL or Godrej Consumer Products is a leader among India Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG companies. It consists of leading Household and Personal Care Products with company brands such as Cinthol, Good Knight, Hit, Godrej No. 1, Expert, Jet, Fairglow, Ezee, Protekt, Snuggy and many more. GCPL is one of the largest marketers of several toilet soaps in India and a leader in hair colors and other household insecticides. The 'Good Knight' brand is placed at an overall 12 rank and is still the most trusted household care brand in the Brand Equity's Most Trusted Brands Survey, 2010. It has its branch offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai that ensure pan–India coverage. Whereas, the factories located at Malanpur (Madhya Pradesh), Thana (Himachal Pradesh), Katha (Himachal Pradesh), Guwahati (Assam) and Sikkim cater to the diverse needs of its product portfolio. The company also has a robust emerging presence in several markets outside India. Along with the acquisition of Keyline Brands in the UK, Rapidol and Kinky Group in South Africa. Also, Godrej Global Mideast FZE is the company's international brands and trademarks in countries such as Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada, and the Middle East. The Company is expanding its global footprint, as it recently acquired Tura, a leading medicated brand in West Africa. And Megasari Group, a leading household care brand in Indonesia. Also, Issue Group and Argencos, the two primary hair colorant companies in Argentina.

Some of the Products:

  • Soaps and Talc– Under this segment, the Company created brands such as Cinthol, Fair Glow, Evita, and Vigil.
  • Hair Care– Under this segment, the company introduced various hair color products such as Colour Soft, Anoop, Renew, Godrej Expert, and Kesh Kala.
  • Household and Fabric Care– Under this segment, the company introduced products like Godrej Dish wash, Glossy, and Ezee.
  • The Company also acquired Brian Boyce and Vicki Dryden Wyatt Keyline Brands such as Cuticura, Aapri, Erasmic, Inecto, and Nulon.
  • Rapidol– Also, GCPL acquired South African business Rapidol that has brands such as Inecto and Soflene.

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