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Godrej Industries Limited or GODREJIND

Godrej industries as part of the Godrej group is India's leading manufacturer of oleochemicals and also creates more than a hundred chemicals for use in more than two dozen industries. It was established in 1897, and then it entered in security equipment & soaps segment and currently a $1.875 billion conglomerate. It is also engaged in chemicals, veg oils & the Real Estate. It delivers an international quality product and exports its products to South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa and many other countries. It was earlier known as Godrej Soaps, then it got demerged with the Godrej consumer products & it’s remaining and soon became the part of the Godrej industries. This particular company has its manufacturing plant located at the facility at Vikhroli, Mumbai, and Maharashtra as it has the capabilities of fat splitting, and Fatty Acid distillation, and Fatty Acid fractional distillation, and Hydrogenation of Fatty Acids, and Sweet water evaporation, and Glycerin distillation, and lastly Alfa Olefin Sulphonation. It also has a Cogeneration plant that satisfies its regular requirements of both power and steam partially. The most significant advantage of the Godrej Industries (Chemicals Division) enjoys, thanks to the Vikhroli complex, which is a high level of operational flexibility and can meet the customers' requirements within a short lead time. This facility is well equipped to deliver the products of superior Quality, within the deadline and at very competitive prices. It has a modern, and an integrated manufacturing facility at the Valia in the Indian state of Gujarat. This faculty mainly uses vegetable oils as the raw material and to manufacture the Fatty Acids, Glycerin, Fatty Alcohols, and the Surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate & Alpha Olefin Sulphonate. The essential installed capacity for Fatty alcohol is approximately 65000 MT per annum, which also includes a dedicated Export Oriented Unit of about 30000 MT.

Some of the Associate Companies:

  1. Godrej Properties: It is the leading manufacturers of oleochemicals and also of hundreds of different industrial chemicals. And along with its global reach spreading the wings across 40 countries, it was conferred the prestigious exports award by the Chemexcil for three consecutive years in 1998–99, 1999–00 and 2000–01. Several products in its portfolio are being used in a variety of applications such as cosmetics, detergents, tyres, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, toothpaste, and many more.
  1. Godrej Consumer Products: It was incepted in 1990 to provide the ultra-modern townships to the discerning customers at an affordable price. It also adheres to a simple philosophy of providing exemplary service based on the optimal use of the available resources.
  1. Godrej Hershey: It is one of the most respected business conglomerates which was established in 2006 with a prime focus on only the food division. In this, the range of products from the house of Godrej Hershey covers several popular products which are in the sections of Confectionery, Non-Carbonated Beverages, and Cooking Aids, and Packet Tea, and Edible Oil. Over many years, this division has been developing a close relationship with the farmers with their innovative offerings in the way like animal feed, and oil palm plantations, and agrochemicals, and poultry.

Some of the Divisions:

  1. Chemicals– It has continued its old tradition of innovation with the manufacture of oleochemicals for the first time in India since the year 1963. It is also the market leader in a range of Oleochemicals in India, and also it is a market leader in the product category of Alpha-olefin Sulphonate.
  1. Veg Oil– It produces some edible oils, vanaspati, and other bakery fats. Its plant has a technology that modifies fat to cater to the varied customer tastes & requirements, from grainy products to the votatorised specialty fats. It also contributes a 17% share in the revenue.
  1. It also has a real estate division that manages and invests in the real estate properties, by providing an area on the lease to the corporate customers for their business operations. It also contributes a 7% share in the revenue.

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